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Hey book lovers, join us in this blog post where we throw you into a dark and twisted world where murder is the only way to find true freedom! Uplifting Murder by author Andrew Harrowell, takes you on a thrilling journey through a dystopian society where the only escape from a dreary existence is through the ultimate act of violence.

With gripping suspense and unforgettable characters, this murder mystery will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Now, you can experience a sample of the spine-tingling action with a free chapter from the book.


Key details about Uplifting Murder by author Andrew Harrowell

Genre(s): Dystopian Murder Mystery

Target audience age range: 18+

Does your book contain any explicit content: Swear words, mild reference to self-harm

Format, ISBN, and date published:

  1. Paperbook, ISBN: 979-8849871813, 17 November 2022
  2. ebook, ASIN : ‎ B0BMT9F5F5, 17 November 2022

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Lana Vance is a broken woman, forced to leave a devastated world, and things are about to get a whole lot worse.

Vance was content with the miserable life she had carved out for herself. After she got her military squad killed, it was all she felt she deserved. Certainly, her robotic chest and arm have become constant reminders of her failure.

Now, Vance has ruined everything once more, and her only option is to board a Space-Lift away from the Earth’s diseased atmosphere.

But when a murder is committed, Vance can’t believe she’s given the task of finding the killer. Can she unmask the murderer, or will she let herself, and everyone else, down?


Chapter 1

A diseased, dirty wind whipped up against the towering fence guarding France’s Space-Lift. The razor wire swayed gently back and forth as the polluted air buffeted it. The structure, along with scores of laser-rifle toting guards, had been specifically setup to keep the general population away from the precious mode of transport. It was only the best, brightest, and richest, that were allowed to pass the outer perimeter. Yet, part of the fence was beginning to fail in its task.

One of the thousands of metallic support poles that held the fencing in place had finally decided to embrace the hopelessness of the barren landscape around it, and was drooping inwards. As a result, a small space was being created between the wire and the filthy ground. Today, someone was determined to make the most of that tiny opportunity.

With a final check of his watch, a diminutive figure rose from the cover of a burnt-out vehicle. The man hoisted a heavy backpack higher up his shoulder, and then burst into a run. Reaching the fence, he squinted against the murky skyline, and breathed a deep sigh into the respirator strapped tightly around his mouth. With a swift prayer to a god he no longer believed in, he dropped the bulging backpack to the ground, and pulled out two old-fashioned oxygen tanks. Being careful to keep his hands well away from the prickly protective wire, the man used the heavy cylinders to prop up the loose section of fencing, creating a gap just big enough for his malnourished body to slide through.

With the protective barrier balanced as best as he could on the tanks, the man made a final check of the small oxygen satchel strapped to his leg. Content that the lifegiving device was properly secured, and pumping perfectly to his respirator, he lowered himself to the ground. It was slow going as he crawled, scrapping his stomach across the stony soil. Inch by perilous inch he squeezed forward. He didn’t even dare to breath. Finally, with a flick of his ankles, the man swung himself round into the compound. Being certain he was clear of the wire, he sat up and gazed around for a long moment. The view wasn’t any different from the other side of the fence, he simply marvelled at looking at it from within.

The man’s view was ruined as the bright beam of a lantern cut through the dirty air. The trespasser immediately twisted to grab at the rucksack he had left on the other side of the fence. As he hurriedly tugged the bag it caught on one of the oxygen tanks. In a panic, he heaved harder, and then watched in dismay as the cylinder started to wobble. The man yelped, and dragged the rucksack in the opposite direction, bumping it into the second canister. With a yelp, he just managed to get the bag out of the way as the canisters fell and the fence’s knife-like cables shot back into position. The man’s head bobbed down and cursed his own stupidity.

Quickly catching himself, he remembered the approaching sentry and pushed up, before dashing towards his final goal. The Space-Lift was still a distance away, but he had to get to it. He was on a mission, and for him getting caught was not an option.


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