This is why you need to teach your children about online safety

I saw an ad online for a modelling job for all ages and it reminded me of the importance of teaching our children about online safety.

The Ad I saw on gumtree

This is why you need to teach your children about online safety

The first thing I noticed about the ad is that there’s no mention of the name of the company people would be applying to. Your ‘good lucking’ child could naively send a picture of themselves to just anyone with their name, age and telephone number. Maybe I’m a paranoid parent but I felt this ad was suspect and it very well could be legit.

Things to remind your children about online safety

  1. Do not engage with strangers online
  2. Do not share personal information online, especially with strangers
  3. When using social media, restrict conversations to people you have met in real life and know where they live
  4. Possibly create a fake profile, identity theft is realise
  5. If submitting a CV online, make sure that important information like your date of birth and full address is not included in your CV
  6. Before applying for a job, make sure you know who the employer is
  7. If responding to an ad by an agency, make sure the name of the agency is listed and the web address of the agency is included. It is important you know who you are looking to work for/with.

I found the ad above really suspicious just because I could not see the name of the agency and/or a link to their website. A legitimate business would know to provide at least their name in any job ad. There also wasn’t a telephone number for you to call them on or an email address to email them directly

This is a quick post just to remind everyone about online safety. I hope you found it useful.

If you have any tips to add about online safety, please leave a comment below. I would appreciate it if you would consider sharing this post too. You just never can tell who may find it useful.

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