What could you do with £5? Fiver Challenge for Kids!

What could you do with £5? Fiver Challenge for Kids!

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Just the other day, Segilola sent me something pretty interesting. It was about a programme run in schools for kids aged 5-11, run by Young Enterprise and supported by Virgin Money called the Fiver Challenge. Basically, schools sign up to the programme by the 10th of June to participate in a month long challenge in which groups of children are pledged £5 to see how much of a profit they could make.

I myself have a little bit if experience with this. Four years ago, us Year Sixes participated in an Enterprise Day. We each got into groups (ours had to be the smallest with only three members including me) and we brainstormed ideas of things we could sell for a profit. We decided to sell bracelets so we bought all the necessary equipment and sat around in class for hours making them.

Enterprise Day itself was a whole school event and the parents were invited to buy our things too. People had made some pretty awesome stuff; one friend’s group had a nail salon thing and another made some Skittle milkshakes. Meanwhile, another group were selling friendship bracelets (like some of ours, so there was a little bit of competition!) We had sold out in within an hour, I think. And our profit? Well…

Either way, we had learnt a lot from this. One, we needed to make more bracelets. A lot more. Two, we learnt how stressful having a business is. Three, apart from learning how to work in a team and picking up organisational skills, we learnt how to handle finances, work within a budget and give change. Not to mention customer service!

So, is the Fiver Challenge worth signing up for? Yes, definitely. At the end of the challenge, the students can put their profit towards anything they want to. According to their website, 94% of teachers indicated that their students had developed skills that employers look for throughout the month. And trust me, it was a lot of fun. What’s to lose?

What would you do with £5? Fiver Challenge for Kids!

To find out more, visit their official website: www.fiverchallenge.org.uk

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