Here’s my pear and coconut pancake recipe for the perfect Sunday breakfast

Today, my daughter helped me in preparing our favourite Sunday breakfast, PANCAKES! Doing all the things I do, from being a mom to being an author, blogger and even having a regular job, there’s really little time to cook from scratch these days. Breakfast for us most days is either one cereal or the other, bagel or regular bread. A couple of months ago, I decided to dedicate Sunday mornings as pancake day (unless my daughter requests for something else).

I had made a coconut rice yesterday and halfway through, I thought that I should have taken some pictures to show you how to make my very easy coconut rice using an actual coconut rather than coconut milk in a tin. That was why I was well prepared today and took some pictures when making our Sunday pancake. To be honest, I had been craving homemade coconut rice for a good few days. The craving was so bad that even when I was at work, I was fantasising about the coconut rice. I could almost smell the fragrance of the coconut. So whilst my body was aching from 19 hour day a week plus going to football club, not making my coconut rice yesterday was not an option for me.

The way my mother taught me how to cook was to know measurements by eye rather than fixed measurements. This way, it is easy to scale up and down as needed.

The recipe I use for my pancakes evolved from scotch pancakes. There are only 6 ingredients in a roughly 1:1 ratio

  • 1 cup of flour (about 250g)
  • 1 cup sugar (I tend to use less than a cup, about 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup)
  • A sprinkle of salt

Mix the above together, then add in

  • 1 large egg or 2 small eggs (in my head, 2 small eggs equal about 200 – 250g, to make 1:1)

Mix the egg into the flour mix until you get crumbs.

In a lot of recipes that I’ve seen, they tell you to add milk but I have adapted this step in two ways. I will share with you one of the ways I use.

Whenever I feed my daughter, it is important to me that I make sure she has a healthy meal. That’s why I add fruits to my pancakes. I tend to go for soft fruits like strawberries and I would grate them in. One day, I was feeling quite tired and didn’t want the hassle of grating the fruit and washing up the grater afterwards. So I simply put the fruit in my smoothie maker, added milk and blitzed it for a few seconds. This way the smoothie was not very smooth and had bits of fruit in it.

The first time I used a smoothie in my pancake recipe, I found the taste to be so much richer than using plain milk (even with grated fruit added in)

For this recipe, I had some pears in the fridge, so I

  • Cut up 1 pear into large chunks and added
  • About 200mls of milk to it before blitzing in my smoothie maker

My daughter tasted the smoothie and gave it the seal of approval. My daughter hates drinking milk, so the smoothie when making pancakes has been one way I have found to get her to drink milk (aside from that in her cereal).

I add the smoothie to the pancake crumbs to get a thick batter. With scotch pancakes, you are meant to drop the pancakes into the pan but I don’t have a deep soup spoon so I make my batter a little bit less thick, to allow for pouring. I simply added about 50mls of water to my smoothie blender and swished it around to clean it. It’s the watery milk I add to my batter to make it less thick.

As I had some grated coconut flakes left over from the day before, I added a little handful of the coconut flakes into the pancake batter and mixed it.

In a warm frying pan that’s been coated with sunflower oil, I pour the batter into the middle of the pan, making sure the amount I pour is no more than half the diameter of the pan.

I turn the heat on low to medium-low and after about a minute or so, bubbles appear on the surface of the pancake batter. This tells me it’s time to flip the pancake on its side. Once I do this, I wait for another minute or so and my pancake is ready.

If your household is anything like mine (especially when there are guests staying over), the only time you get to taste what you have made is when the very last pancake is ready. Pancakes rarely get dished in my house, someone takes one the minute it gets off the fire.

Anyhoos, here’s my pear and coconut pancake recipe for the perfect Sunday breakfast!

What’s your favourite pancake recipe? What do you normally eat for breakfast on Sundays? Please leave a comment below

Here's my pear and coconut pancake recipe for the perfect Sunday breakfast     


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