Summer 2021: Places to visit with your child in London

It’s summer 2021 and if you are a parent, I’m sure you have been wondering about what you can do to entertain your child or places to visit with your child over the summer holidays. To help you out, here are some of the places that I visited with my daughter that I think your children may enjoy visiting too!

Without much ado, here are my top 2 places to visit with your child in London this summer 2021



Jurassic Encounter is an unmissable family event that features more than 50 animatronic dinosaur scenes, including a fearsome, 18m tall T-Rex that breathes and sways its tail as it hunts for prey; an Iguanodon’s furious battle against a Deinonychus; Pterosaurs that screech as they soar through the trees; a 15m tall Brachiosaurus, guarding her eggs and a 16m long Diplodocus, who cries out to passers-by.

As well as being a thrilling day out for guests young and old, Jurassic Encounter makes education fun and a hands-on experience with its host of interactive exhibits. Children are invited to become Palaeontologists for the day by climbing inside dinosaur eggs; digging up dinosaur bones in an excavation pit; dodging the spray of a Dilophosaurus and even riding on the backs of baby Triceratops.

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed herself and I will not lie, I enjoyed walking around the park looking at all the exhibits too.

As a lifestyle blogger, I got free tickets to the London venue the day before the exhibition opened to the general public. My daughter got to chat with one of the members of staff who was assembling the dinosaurs.

It was a once in a life time experience for the both of us.


The tour begins at Grovelands Park in London at the start of the summer holidays (every day from 24 July – 10 Aug) before moving to Cardiff Bute Park (21 Aug – 5 Sep), Glasgow Cuningar Loop (2-17 Oct) and Birmingham Botanical Gardens (23 Oct – 7 Nov).

Ticket prices start at £11.50 and advanced booking is advised, although walk-ups will be admitted, subject to availability. A special, early-bird discount is available for each event, for one month after tickets go on sale, by entering the code EARLYBIRD20.

Full address for the London venue is:
Grovelands Park,
The Bourne,
N14 6RA


It was a most enjoyable day for my daughter and me. At a point, I started to feel like Indiana Jones. It was totally worth the 2-hour journey from South London to North London. I definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t been before, especially for dinosaur lovers. I hope the organisers bring the dinosaurs back to London next year (summer 2022) and choose a location that is more central, so people from all over Greater London can easily get to the venue.


Places to visit with your child in London - JURASSIC ENCOUNTER LONDON 2021

Day trips in London to tire out your child in August 2021 JURASSIC ENCOUNTER



KIDSPACE CROYDON is London’s award-winning indoor play & children’s party venue. There’s

  • a double level soft play zone for toddlers and
  • an interactive sandbox where sand art comes to life. Children can remould the landscape with their hands and create valleys or volcanoes and watch as the sea flows through their hands or lava cascades down the sand. The overhead projector cleverly reacts to the shape of the sand below it to project a moving, shifting scene that adapts to how your child plays with it. It’s an amazing experience for people who feel like they’re missing the beach and want to feel the sand between their fingers!

There are also lots of areas for older children that words cannot describe. Please watch the video below of the entire Kidspace Croydon venue to see it for yourself.

Please click here to find out how the video of the venue was created using a drone.

My 6-year-old daughter and I had an amazing time at Kidspace Adventures Croydon. We had free tickets to the venue so that I could write about what we thought of the venue. My daughter absolutely loved her time now and wants to have her 7th birthday party there.

There’s lots of parking space available and the venue is easily commutable to by bus. I found the atmosphere to be very inviting and the staff all had a smile on their faces.

There were lots of different activities and the staff did not hesitate to get playing with the children. My daughter learned how to play table football on the day. It was great as I had 2-hours to simply sit down, relax and read a book knowing that my daughter was in safe hands.

Please visit their website to book your ticket today by clicking here now! I won’t get paid if you book a ticket.

Here’s a short video I created showing the entrance to the venue and my daughter playing inside


What do you think about these places to visit with your child in London? Do you have any to add to the list?

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