Mother’s Day 2021 Gift Guide

After everything the last 12 months has thrown our way, what with the COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdowns and being a mother myself, I think Mother’s Day 2021 is a great time for every mother needs to be celebrated. So, this post is a shout out to every woman who has brought a child into this world or looks after a child that is not biologically hers. I celebrate you this Mother’s Day 2021. Here are some unusual gifts that I think would bring a smile to any mother’s face …

1) WUKA Period Pants

blog post Mother's Day 2021 Gift GuideOver the last year or so, I started hearing about alternatives to tampons and sanitary pads but I was always sceptical. That was until I was gifted a pair of WUKA period pants for medium flow and to be honest, I almost cried the first night I used them.

Even though I was already half way through my period, I found these pants ARE MAGIC. I wore them for 8 hours straight and found them super absorbent. There were no leaks and I can confidently say that when I use them, I do not fear that I would stain myself. I can sleep well at night and not worry about staining my bedsheet.

Is it possible to have PTSD from heavy periods? I had my period for the first time aged 12 and in those days there wasn’t a lot of options and it was a mess.  I was a bloody mess! I don’t think my mother could have predicted that I would be a heavy bleeder. My mother was under the impression that the first time you have a period, there’s very little blood. I don’t think I would every forget THAT day, the girls in my class had to rally around me and get a teacher. If you were there, you would think I had an artery cut and I was bleeding out.

The morning after I used my WUKA period pants for the first time, I wept inside my head … I kept asking myself why these did not exist when I was 12 years old. When I wore the pants, I found them to be smooth, silky and soft to the touch. They felt really luxurious on my skin with full coverage of my bum without feeling bulky. As a parent constantly walking about and working, it was perfect for on the go. I believe it is suitable for those living an active lifestyle.

I have told everyone I know about these pants to either get some for themselves or the females in their life. I know that when my daughter is old enough, I would definitely be buying her several pairs, so she never has to ensure the trauma I endured through no fault of my own. That’s why I do not hesitate to include them in my Mother’s Day 2021 gift guide.

Every woman who still has a period needs these in her life! PERIOD!! (pun intended)

The next best thing about these WUKA period pants is that you can pop them in your washing machine. The third best thing about the pants is that even after 8 hours wear, there was NO SMELL!


I will NOT be paid anything or receive any compensation if you buy yours today. I am gushing about these pants because I LOVE them. In case you are interested, WUKA has a ‘give a pair’ option on their website, where customers can choose to donate WUKA Period Pants to one of their charity partners, Days For Girls.


2 Mirena Coil

blog post Mother's Day 2021 Gift Guide


In  my early 20s, I was always told by my doctor that I was mildly anaemic. However, after losing 2 litres of blood during childbirth, my anaemia worsened and I became extremely tired before the end of the day and some days I had dizzy spells just standing. I knew it was serious when a friend of mine told me, even with my milk chocolate skin, that I looked pale. I never imagined a day would come when I would be told that I looked pale. So I started taking multivitamins with iron in them. However, during my period, with the accompanying heavy bleeding, some days, I would fall asleep between 4 – 5pm and not wake up until 6 hours later.

This was impacting my life negatively too much that I decided to get a Mirena Coil fitted. Two weeks after the coil was fitted, I was due to have a period but boom, just spotting. I had gone from heavy bleeding to more or less no bleeding.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone, especially as I found it invasive. The coil has to be fitted manually and you have to open your legs like a Christmas turkey. However, if you know a woman who experiences heavy bleeding during her period, book a surprise appointment for her at your doctor or local sexual health clinic.

Words cannot explain my joy at not having to put up with heavy periods any more. I don’t know why I didn’t get this done sooner. It’s only been 3 weeks since I had my coil fitted, so I still do feel tired. However, I was told that it can take up to 6 months for the coil to really settle with your body.

Whilst this is not a tangible gift per se, it is a gift that can improve the quality of a woman’s life. As a woman and a mother, I believe it is important that we look after both our physical and mental health and wellbeing. The fact that the Mirena Coil is 99% effective as a contraceptive is also a bonus. Please click here to visit the NHS website for more information.

3) Born Peaceful Hygge Blanket

blog post Born Peaceful Hygge Blanket by yoga blissWhen I reviewed a sample from Yoga Bliss and wrapped the Born Peaceful Hygge Blanket around myself, I felt safe, I felt loved. The blanket is very lightweight and smooth to touch. My daughter loves it and we wrap ourselves under it to watch a movie.

Technically, it is a Yoga blanket designed in the UK for use as a yoga & relaxation blanket. It is made with high quality, robust, ultra soft, non-pilling fleece. The edges are finished with wool whip stitch in a contrasting colour and the blanket features the beautiful Born Peaceful doves embroidery in the corner. On the reverse side it also features some lovely thoughts on the true meaning of ‘Hygge’.

After a hard day’s work, every woman needs to cocoon herself in her own personal safe space and let go of all her worries. This Born Peaceful Blanket does this for me and that is why I included it in this gift guide. Please visit the Yoga Bliss website for more information.

Colour Choice:
Charcoal or Silver Grey Melange

Approximate size:
140cm x 200cm

Approximate Weight:

Polar Fleece

Care instructions: 
Machine washable at 30 degrees / quick drying / do not tumble dry.

Made in England  flag

4) Yogi Moon Zafu Meditation Cushion

blog post Mother's Day 2021 Gift GuideAfter having a nose around the Yoga Bliss website, I added the Yogi Moon Zafu Meditation cushion to my wish list. Whilst it is made with spelt hull filling to support your meditation practice, I feel that, from the pictures, it would offer great support to my back.

Since having my daughter, I find that I suffer from back pain frequently and have to prop my back with lots of pillows. So I think this would be a lovely addition to my pile of pillows. This is essential because my daughter loves stealing my pillows for her teddies and I can never find all my pillows when I want them.

Thus, I feel that the Yogi Moon Zafu Meditation cushion is a great addition to my Mother’s Day 2021 Gift Guide.

According to the Yoga Bliss website, with its curved shape, the Yogi Moon offers extra space for the feet when sitting for meditation.  It has the following features:

  • Removable Cotton cover with zip to enable washing.
  • Interior cushion also zipped to enable re-filling if necessary or removal of filling if too full, although filling will settle with use.
  • Cotton cover has strap for easy carrying.
  • Size: 45 x 20 cm,height 12 cm
  • Cover: 100% cotton
  • Filling: spelt hulls

Please click here to visit the Yoga Bliss website for more information about the pillow.

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So what do you think about my Mother’s Day 2021 Gift Guide? Please leave a comment below. Is there a product you would like me to review?


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