Mother’s Day 2019 Gift Guide for a 30 something year old mother

Mother’s day 2019 in the UK is now past but if you didn’t have a chance to get that mum in your life something to use to treat herself, here’s the concluding part to my gift guide for a 30 something-year-old mother. Who knows, the 30-something-year-old mother in your life just might like one of them. A great gift takes a lot of thought and should be based on what the person likes. So here are some of my interests and gift recommendations:

Gardening gifts for mother’s day 2019

Two years down the line, I’m still learning the ropes of gardening but totally loving it. However, I dreaded prepping my garden for summer as I had a pair of garden gloves that could not withstand the thorns on my menace of an ancient rose tree. The slightest sunshine and we get new branches getting everywhere. I had to call a friend to help me out. The thorns are SCARY!

So for mother’s day 2019, if you know a mum that has a garden your present can be to ask her to sit with a large mug of hot chocolate (or whatever else she likes to drink) and offer to do her gardening for her. If that’s not an option, you can get her a pair of really thick garden gloves that most thorns can’t pierce through.

I haven’t used these gloves myself but the reviews about them are quite promising and I know I would like a pair myself too


Self-care gifts

The other day, I read a blog post about self-care and it reminded me that as a mother, it is nice to give one’s self a treat every so often. The post I read went on to say that I should buy myself a new lipgloss immediately. Just reading that post reminded me that since becoming a mother, I hadn’t indulged in one of my very few pleasures. A lipgloss was possibly the only “make-up” you would see me use. I can’t explain why but I loved going to my local drug store (Super Drug) to purchase a tube of Bourjois lipgloss. Using it always brought a smile to my face, it made my lips extra glossy and . . .

Anyhoos, if you know a mum who hasn’t made time to care for herself for a while, getting her a new lipgloss should bring a smile to her face, I hope.

This is the link to the lipgloss I used to buy and I think I’m going to order myself a new one now


Plays for 2019 Mother’s Day

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I love watching Nigerian plays in a theatre and I must admit it’s been, give or take, around 8 years now since I last saw one. That’s why I think the Nigerian play HOARD, written by Bim Adewunmi and directed by Femi Elufowoju Jr would be a great treat for me.

HOARD is a new play about family, feuds and food and is set in the heart of Dalston, London. It shows from 15 May – 8 June 2019 at the arcola theatreClick here to book your tickets now. If I am able to sort out a baby sitter, I think I would like to go watch this play myself.


So this is the concluding part to my mother’s day 2019 gift guide. If you missed my first mother’s day 2019 blog post, please click here to check it out 😀

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