Mother’s Day 2019 Is Fast Approaching, Here’s My Ideal Gift Guide For Food Lovers

Mother’s day 2019 in the UK is on Sunday, the 31st of March and it is fast approaching. As a mother and a food lover, I thought you would enjoy reading my ideal gift guide for food lovers.

The key to a great gift, in my opinion, is giving something based on what the recipient likes. That’s why I’ve broken down my mother’s day 2019 gift guide into categories based on the things I like. Who knows, the 30-something-year-old mother in your life just might like one of them.

This is part one of my two posts for Mother’s Day 2019 and it is my ideal gift guide for food lovers.

Gift Guide for Food Lovers for Mother’s Day 2019


The best foodies, in my opinion, are those who appreciate that food is not just for sustenance but is meant to be enjoyed. The best way to enjoy food is not by slathering it with lots of condiment but being able to enjoy the individual tastes and flavours. I’m not a vegetarian, meat makes me VERY VERY happy!

Nigerian Dwarf Goat
asun nigerian goat meat fried goat meat blog post cover image

Source: Google Images

I love goat meat, however, in the UK, you cannot find real goat meat to buy. The butchers that ‘claim’ to sell goat meat actually pawn off mutton as goat, at least the south London market butchers that I’ve been to. If you wanted to make me happy, really happy, ask Uber to offer intercontinental same day or next day fresh food delivery and get me a slab of freshly butchered Nigerian Dwarf Goat.

They are as delicious to eat as they are cute to look at. HOWEVER, never ever buy a male goat unless it is castrated. He-goats that have not been castrated smell so much that you can taste their smell in the meat.

I would so love some fried pepper goat meat right now with soaked garri (cassava flakes, I think some countries call cassava manioc). That there is the ultimate comfort food. It’s the equivalent to eating southern fried chicken with a bottle of coca-cola but this is so much more delicious and healthier.

Goat meat is so delish and that’s why you can even buy deep-fried goat meat on Amazon but NOT the Nigerian Dwarf Goat. I think these would make a good substitute for mother’s day 2019. What do you think?


Charolais beef
mothers day 2019 gift guide for foodies

Source: Google Images

As a meat lover, I’ve heard that Charolais beef is one of, if not THE, best beef in the world. It’s been on my to-eat list for a while now. I always fantasised that I would go to Charolais with another meat lover and actually eat it there. It’s not yet happened, so please affordable inter-country same day delivery really needs to be a thing.

Don’t just take my word for it, especially as I’m yet to taste it myself and make a verdict. Here’s what one beef wholesaler had to say about the Charolais beef

‘Recognised for its excellence!’
The Charolais is a race of cattle which comes from Eastern France. The Charolais cattle was originally used for agricultural work. The Charolais breed is sought after as much for the quality of it’s rearing as for its excellent meat. It has become the best breed for beef production in the world!

Going by the picture alone, I would be very eager to cook this piece of meat. I think it would go very well in a Nigerian dish, maybe egusi soup with pounded yam or even yam porridge. It looks like a slab (do you say slab? it’s 3am and my brain has slowed down) of very sturdy meat.

I’m surprised to say that I could not find a single seller of Charolais beef on Amazon. I didn’t think there was anything on this planet you could not buy on Amazon but there you go.

Now you have the challenge to find a seller of Charolais beef. When you do find one, please share the link in a comment below. It’s 3am and I’m rounding off this blog post.


Wagyu beef
foodie gift guide 2019


I have an uncle who is a really lovely and supportive and not long after I got my first proper post-grad job, I asked him to pick any restaurant in London he wanted to go to and I would foot the bill. It was my way of showing him that I appreciated him always having my back. Whenever I felt that my dad was not listening, I would call this uncle and say “you better go call your brother now”. The restaurant he chose was closed, so we walked around for a bit and ended up in a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.

One of the waiters asked if I would like to see their Wagyu beef and not knowing any better, I said, sure why not?! After his little presentation, about how their own Wagyu beef was breed somewhere in England and was as good as the one in Japan, he asked if I wanted a steak for £99 per kilo.

The Nigerian in me came out; in my head, I said “thunder fire satan”

I’m sorry what? 99 freaking what? 99 kobo (Nigerian currency)? I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a £3.99 per kilo of beef at Brixton market kinda girl. I may push it to £4.99 a kilo but that’s my limit. Anything more than that and I would buy chicken.

I admit that pictures of Wagyu beef show that it has excellent marbling but to be honest, I doubt that this Wagyu beef is more delicious than the Nigerian White Fulani beef. The only way I would know for sure if by actually trying it but I’m too cheap to buy it myself.

According to those who know more than I do “Wagyu is a highly prized meat because it is incredibly tender and has a buttery soft flavour.

If someone ever bought me 1kg of Wagyu beef, I would cook it the Nigerian way. I would boil it for a few minutes with onions, fresh pepper from my garden, ginger, garlic and a dash of medium curry powder then pop it in the oven to make it crisp. That would help me identify the taste and help me decide on the best cooking method. I would go for the bony side though, so maybe the ribs. I HATE boneless meat.

That said, I am actually afraid to try to cook this type of beef. From what I’ve read about the breeding method, I feel that these cattle are very tender whereas I prefer sturdier cattle with more strength in the meat if that makes sense. Maybe I should let someone else do the cooking.

Wagyu beef is also on Amazon




Instead of constantly doing all the cooking, a relaxing treat by Gordon Ramsay sounds like heaven. I think most mums would like this, not just me.

The perfect ‘re-balancer’ combining great food and time to rejuvenate at Gordon Ramsay’s townhouse, York & Albany. Your stay includes a relaxing, stylish bedroom, a three-course set dinner for two in our buzzing bistro-style restaurant and a hearty Full English or Continental breakfast leaving you ready to face the day ahead.

Dinner, Bed & Breakfast
Overnight stay in a Classic standard double room
3 course dinner from our set menu
Full English or Continental breakfast

If you want to book this treat for my daughter and me, it did say dinner for 2, a mother you know, click here to do so.


Gordon Ramsay Restaurant – STREET LOUNGE EXPERIENCE AT BREAD STREET KITCHEN from £50 per person

This picture speaks to my inner nerd. I would want this experience just to go into the capsule. It looks like the modern version of a TARDIS. If you do not know what a TARDIS is, please Google it! And I think the price is very reasonable too.

Here’s what to expect:

Be the first to experience one of London’s most desirable and unique dining spaces – Street Lounge at Bread Street Kitchen.
We’ve launched (get it?) exciting food and cocktail menus in our new capsule, including premium Bacardi cocktails and some of the best sharing food that Bread Street Kitchen is famous for, including snow crab California rolls, tuna tartare, lollipop tamarind chicken wings and truffle fries.

mothers day treat for food lovers 2019

Source: Gordon Ramsay Restaurants

OK I’m going to bed now, leave a comment below, so I know what you think of this gift guide for food lovers. Who’s the food lover in your life? What will you be getting her for mother’s day 2019?


I thought it would be nice to add another treat if you are not able to take your mum out for mother’s day.

Mother’s Day Hamper by DIFORTI £69.99

The special Mother’s Day Hamper includes:

• Botegga Gold Prosecco 75ml
• Aragostine Filled With White Chocolate Cream 150g
• Bocconotti Filled With Hazelnut Chocolate Cream 150g
• Sicilian Cannoli Filled With Cappucino Cream 150g
• Almond Cantuccini 200g
• Barchette With Hazelnut Chocolate 150g
• Moak Arabica Coffee 250g
• Luxury Large Hamper + Packaging

All packed with love, in a gorgeous wicker hamper. Click here to order yours now!

To be honest, I’m actually more interested in the wicker basket than the contents. I can imagine all the different ways I can re-use it. We have a lovely little garden, so we can plan a nice little picnic for ourselves or if we go to our local park, we could have a picnic there too. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face 😀

Disclaimer: Other than the Amazon that gives me a tiny commission if you purchase anything using the links I share, I don’t get paid anything if you make a purchase using any other links on this post or any part of this website



10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2019 Is Fast Approaching, Here’s My Ideal Gift Guide For Food Lovers

  • I would love for there to be a place that sold good goat meat in the UK – or just even in London! I tried when travelling years ago and have never been able to find it in the UK (decently). It was so refreshing to read something that was not all about vegans too! (Nothing against that of course, but I too love meat!)
    Ellie recently posted…Visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand MosqueMy Profile

    • Yayyy to meat lovers. I find that if you even try to comment on a Food Network post, the vegetarian brigade go off on all that’s wrong about meat. I respect everyone’s views on what to eat but I’m not ashamed to say that I love meat.

      If you go to Brixton market, Peckham market or even East Street market, you will see some slab of meat being peddled as goat meat. For my goat meat loving taste buds, it doesn’t taste like goat meat and that’s why I don’t buy it.

      I imagine a day is coming where I could put a call to a butcher in Nigeria and in 12 hours or less, a slab of goat meat freshly butchered would be delivered to my door in London. I’m really looking forward to that day. By then, intercontinental flights would use renewable fuel/energy, so we are not harming the earth just for me to enjoy some delish goat meat 😀

  • This was so useful! I will be cooking dinner for my mum on Mother’s Day and I really love how different these recipes are, I will look into these for sure 🙂 great post!

  • I’ve had Japanese Wagyu before and it’s sooo good! It literally melts in your mouth! I do have to say that I’m surprised you can’t get goat meat like that. It’s very easy to find here in the US.

    • awwww thank you, I’m so glad you like it. if you do go to the restaurant with the capsule, please write a review of it. I would so like to know what it’s like in it. It looks so kool

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