Things to consider when buying Vegan Skincare products

When I was really young, I remember my mom (may her soul rest in peace) using palm kernel oil she extracted herself at home, on my sister and I as our daily moisturiser. It was an excellent choice of moisturiser for us during the harmattan months when our skins were prone to cracking. Having my daughter in London, where I don’t have access to palm kernel oil, I opted to buy 100% extra virgin coconut oil. As a parent, I feel that was the best decision for my family because there are no added ingredients to it, so we only get all the goodness from the coconut oil. That’s why I am more than happy to share with you this article I was given about the Things to consider when buying Vegan Skincare products. Maybe, if you don’t already do so, this article may help you consider it.


Have we been influenced by the media?

Let’s think about this a bit more, we are often mindful of what we eat, taking care to select the most natural, organic fresh produce. However, when it comes to our skincare options its as if our Quality Control Sensors switch off and we get unduly influenced by all the Marketing, PR & Spin. This is as a result of us being bombarded with TV adverts, Magazine spreads and online video’s and articles.

As a result, our skin ends up eating all sorts of unhealthy content  – which our liver and intestines then have to process out and detox from our system. Hence, our overall body function may be burdened simply by what we are applying to ourselves in the bathroom.

Not all is lost, awareness is growing, the use of secondary plant substances to create effective outcomes from mother nature’s pharmacy is becoming appreciated more. This is because we are starting to appreciate that the valuable antioxidants, so helpful to body function and vitality, are only truly effective when fresh. Thus, one needs to take things to the next level and consider: how long ago were all the wonderful ingredients in my skincare product added? Does it have a Use by or Sell by date? As this will indicate both the freshness of the product and the number of preservatives added.


What is Vegan Skincare?

Vegan Skincare is any skincare product that is free of all animal-derived ingredients. It is made exclusively from plants and minerals and possibly some safe to use synthetic ingredients.

There are at least two certification bodies that put a ‘Vegan’ stamp on vetted beauty products:

  1. PETA offers two stamps: ‘cruelty-free’ and ‘vegan’.
  2. The Vegan Society

For you to recognise a beauty product that has been certified Vegan, you’ll also see a happy bunny or Vegan Society stamp on a vegan-friendly moisturiser.

benefits of fresh vegan skincare

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If you would like further info about animal-derived ingredients found in beauty products, PETA offers a helpful summary of animal-derived skincare ingredients.


Things to consider when buying Vegan Skincare products

Raising the stakes even higher, you need to ask: Can I get a product that is so fresh, that the secondary plant substances, the active ingredients and molecular antioxidants are so fresh that they are 100% active? Can I get a product which will get to me 3 – 14 days from being blended, bottled & shipped? Not a warehoused product produced 16 months ago with a 3 year sell by date on it.

That’s the story Ringana wishes to share with you – one where Vegan Skincare products have a 6-10 month use-by window, but often upon opening that optimal use-by window is 12 weeks – during which we get the maximum benefit of applying the ingredients as mother nature intended – that’s why as a company they are growing by 40%+ annually, as more and more people searching for truly natural vitality – discover for themselves, on their skin, in their supplements and energy levels, real effects, real outcomes – and both return and recommend this approach, this 100% freshness philosophy to others. You can learn more about the Ringana by clicking here.


So what are your thoughts about Vegan Skincare? What skincare products do you currently use? Please leave a comment below 😀

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