The Benefits of Personalised Gifts

Today’s blog post is a guest post written by Didier Penine that looks at the Benefits of Personalised Gifts. Happy reading!!!

Buying personalised gifts in general

If you are anything like me you will the buying of gifts tricky at the best of times. The biggest problem for me is finding something different that the individual you are trying to buy for numerous times for events/occasions in the year. If we take the example of a parent, you may need to buy a gift for an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Father’s day, retirement and many more. A close friend may have a baby boy/girl, engagement, graduation, and so on, we seem to have these occasions coming thick and fast throughout the year which means the problem is finding something different and unique from the previous year, or the previous occasion!

The Popularity of Personalised Gifts

The popularity of personalised products seems to have exploded in recent years, they have always been popular but with the dawn of new technologies and falling prices mean they have become more popular and widely available than ever before, and there are some very good reasons for this which I will discuss below:

1 – It is a great break from the norm, there’s only so much excitement you can receive from being given a pair of socks multiple times per year!

2 – Personalised gifts show to the recipient that you have given some time and thought into your choice. It is not possible to walk into a supermarket and buy a personalised item, a certain amount of planning and thought must go into such a purchase.

3 – Personalised goods by their very nature are unique and never been purchased before, they are a true one-off and have that extra special value for this very reason. This is a benefit to both the giver and the recipient, the giver knows that no-one else will have bought the same item and the recipient has a totally new gift!

4 – Such products have the wow factor, there is something very special about seeing a product with your name and a personal message on it, the joy you get is reminiscent of the feeling of joy and happiness we got as a child when we opened out Christmas and birthday presents.

5 – Such presents are ones the recipient will always remember and they will not simply be stored in a drawer. Personalised products will always have a story behind them and looking back at them 5 years down the line you will remember where and when you received it and not be puzzled as to how you have it.

6 – You show affection to the recipient by giving a personalised gift in that because it shows you have gone out of your way. It also means that the person who is receiving it holds a special place in your life.

7 – Suitable for everyone, regardless of the age of gender, think about it, whether you are a child who receives a personalised item of clothing, or a grandparent that receives a bottle of personalised Champagne, the joy they receive on opening it is just the same

Personalised Gift Shopping

Next time you venture out shopping for the perfect gift, give some thought about how you can make it relevant and personal to the recipient. Whether you are buying a piece of luxury jewellery for your partner or a key ring for a co-worker or, having the item personalised will make it all the more special to them.

So, when it comes to buying a personalised present, what makes the ideal gift? It all comes down to personal preferences of course, however some presents are clearly going to be more suitable than others. If we take for example a 50th wedding anniversary of your grandparents or parents, a bottle of personalised wedding Champagne is more likely to be more appreciated than a personalised mouse mat for example!

Alcohol Themed Personalised Gifts

Alcohol is usually well received, and we all love sparkling wine, so our pick of the best type of personalised gifts goes to Champagne and Prosecco! No drink shouts celebration in the way Champagne does, it is a premium feel good product which you will typically see associated with sporting successes. When you think of Man of the Match awards in football, Formula 1, tournament wins in golf, with these successes you will typically see a jubilant person spraying the masses who are cheering their great success.

So, when you take such a premium and prestigious product like Champagne, and then personalise it to suit the recipient, you have an all round perfect gift to suit any occasion. A personalised bottle of Champagne could be used for any event that is worth celebrating, or looking to provide a gift for, whether it be a graduation, anniversary, new home gift or to say thank you. Personalised gifts are very special products to receive whatever the item is, but when it is a personalised bottle of Champagne, there is something extra special about it. I guess combing personalised presents and alcohol is one of the safest gifts you can possibly buy!


I hope you all agree that a personalised gift makes the best type of gift and individual can receive. We all love receiving gifts regardless of what it is, but it is all too easy to pick up any old bottle of spirits in the supermarket while we are doing our shopping and tick the box that way. If you go out of your way to choose a product, personalise it, and then surprise the recipient with your choice you can be sure that the result will always be better appreciated, It is a win/win, not only will the recipient enjoy the product more, but you will get more joy from the act of gift giving too!

About Didier Penine

Didier Penine is the director of Say It With Champers which is an online store that provides personalised Champagne and mini Prosecco. They also cater for businesses by designing a bespoke Champagne label around the company branding to make a unique corporate gift or staff reward.



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