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the Paranormal Romance Uncrowned by Emily Rozen

Target audience age range: 18+

Does your book contain any explicit content:

A small bit of nudity but no explicitly sexual content in this first installment. Some swear words.

Format, ISBN and date published: eBook, ASIN: B07RRG169V, Published: June 1, 2019

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Synopsis of Uncrowned by Emily Rozen

Sometimes you can’t escape what destiny has planned…Alex couldn’t.

Alex had always known who she was and what her plans for the future were, until her only family member is brutally murdered. All her carefully laid out plans for the future went up in smoke with the fire that burned her life down. The moment she saw the smoldering remains of her home that morning, Alex knew she needed some answers.

Clues left behind by her late father lead her to the strange town of Ash Hollow, located in the middle of a picturesque nowhere. Determined to find out who murdered her father, she slowly untangles the town’s unique and mysterious history, learning more about herself than she ever expected. Juggling her new realizations and relationships with the eccentric townspeople, especially the painfully hot blue-eyed mayor, she finds herself sinking deeper into a volatile world she won’t ever be able to escape.

And so it begins…her journey as the Uncrowned.

Name of chapter: Chapter 9

A loud howl cut through the bar over the sound of breaking glass and fighting. Snarls filled the air, chilling Alex to the bone.

“What the f**k.” She felt around for her bag in the dark as Arsen yelled over the chaos.

“CAT. We need light, NOW.” His voice was deep and rougher than usual. Cat immediately began chanting in some language under her breath. A bright flash lit the area, and Alex squinted her eyes to adjust, but immediately regretted it.

The bar was full of oversized animals fighting off what looked like a pack of wolves. The wolves themselves were unlike anything she had seen before, each one the size of a small pony, their massive jaws full of sharp teeth. A couple of the audience members had been attacked in the darkness, as they lay unmoving in pools of blood. A massive grizzly bear was fighting two of the wolves near the bar, but they kept darting away from its deadly paws before lunging back in to take bites out of its flank. In another corner, a large leopard was facing off with another wolf, both of them circling the other. The rest of the wolves were forcing audience members towards the back near the walls.

“What the f**k am I seeing.” Alex muttered, clutching onto Sadie, who was shaking. Arsen had his fists clenched as he stared at the stage where a familiar man stood with his arm around Harmony’s delicate neck.

“ENOUGH.” Arsen boomed, the room effectively falling silent at the force behind his words. Alex’s brain just couldn’t handle everything happening, so she didn’t stop to wonder at why the animals all seemed to listen to him. “Marcus.” He growled at the man holding Harmony hostage who just whistled as he looked around.

“Arsen…I see your power hasn’t waned even if you aren’t the killer you used to be.”

Alex whipped her eyes towards Arsen. A killer? Arsen didn’t flinch at the accusation, but his eyes did glance briefly at Alex before returning to Marcus.

“Oh yes.” The man continued as he stroked Harmony’s throat as the singer trembled in his arms, ruby eyes wide. “I’ve met your newest addition to the town. Very…interesting…considering your history.”
“And what do you know about history, mutt.” Arsen spat. Marcus’ eyes narrowed as he gripped the singer’s throat.
“Don’t push me, prince.” He said the name mockingly. “I only came for the little songbird. You can keep the children. An even trade, yes?” His smile had sent a chill down Alex’s spine, but she couldn’t react. She didn’t understand a single thing going on, even though a small voice in the back of her head started whispering that the journal might have been onto something.

“We gave you sanctuary Marcus. You know the rules. Let Harmony go and you can leave with your pathetic life.” This was the first time Alex ever heard Tom speak so seriously. All the fun and joking was gone from his voice, and only cold anger remained.

“Ah yes, Tom…I see you’re still serving as his right hand man. You could have been stronger if you came with me. No matter though, I’ll just be taking this little bird and be on my way.” He smiled and started moving towards the door.
“Don’t even f**king think about it.” Arsen warned, taking a step towards Marcus, but the man just smiled.
“Don’t want to let me leave? Well, that’s a shame.” He looked over at Alex and smiled as his hand stretched and grew long sharp claws. “Guess I have no choice then.”

Arsen moved forward with a growl just as Marcus slashed the singer’s throat, blood spraying everywhere. Alex watched in horror as he flung the singer at Arsen who stopped his approach to catch the woman. With a wink at Alex, Marcus ran with inhuman speed out the door, his wolves following him into the darkness of the night. Tom and a few other men immediately ran out after them as Cat got up and rushed over to Arsen. She leaned down and immediately began ordering people around as she pulled vials out of her satchel and poured them over the singer’s shredded neck.

“What the f**k did I just see.” Alex whispered, her whole body shaking as she tried to make logical sense of what she just saw.
“What the f**k just happened.” She reiterated a little more loudly as Sadie tried to calm her down. Arsen turned his eyes to her, now glowing a familiar icy blue.

“The truth. Welcome to Ash Hollow Alexandria.” He growled in that rough voice of his just as a green glow emitted from Cat’s hands above the singer’s throat. The injured woman took a deep shuddering breath as Alex watched the wounds on her neck seal closed.

Yeah, she was done.
Grabbing her bag, she bolted out of the booth, ignoring everyone calling her name as she headed straight home. Her mind was made up, she needed to leave Ash Hollow tonight.


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