How do you go from hobby author to authorpreneur?

Maxwell Ivey, the blind blogger, and Adriana Gavazonni, a lawyer and author, discuss their individual journeys to becoming published authors. They also answer the question How do you go from hobby author to authorpreneur? I assure you, you need to click play now to listen to this book reading.


About Maxwell Ivey

how do you go from hobby author to authorpreneur? maxwell ivey, the segilola salami showHello,
My name is Maxwell Ivey, and I’m the totally blind son of carnival owners turned amusement equipment broker from Texas.
I am also a blogger, a life goals coach, a public speaker, an award winning twice self published author, and host of the What’s Your Excuse Show.
I am also becoming known as the leader of the No Excuses Movement. For so many people say if Max can do it, then what is my excuse.

My primary business is helping people sell new and used amusement equipment and related items. I started after the early death of my father lead to the closure of my family’s small traveling carnival.

While building that business, I had to learn many things including how to hand code html, start a blog, record videos, use social media including Pinterest, build an email list, recruit clients, write ad copy, generate email newsletters, and much more.

About two years ago my friends persuaded me that i had more to offer and should be sharing my story of inspiration. I disagreed, but they made the argument that there are far too many people in the world with no physical disability who are doing nothing with their lives. Once convinced of this, I started a second website where I share my more personal stories about being a blind entrepreneur. I am now proud to be an inspiration to others and have since become internationally known as The Blind Blogger.

You can find out more about me by clicking here.


About Adriana Gavazonni


how do you go from hobby author to authorpreneur? the segilola salami show. adrianna gavazzoniMy name’s Adriana Gavazzoni and I’m a lawyer and professor of law. When I’m not practicing I enjoy spending my time writing novels and legal books and am a voracious reader. I’m a very active person and love to dance, exercise and travel. My favorite countries are France, Italy and USA. I speak four languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, and am currently studying Chinese. I hope to master it someday but it’s been a challenge! I absolutely adore animals and have two dogs of my own. Don’t tell them, but my love for dogs extends to all the rest!

You can find out more about me and my books by clicking here.


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