3 ways to drive traffic to your blog

3 ways to drive traffic to your blog

Do you ever have one of those moments when you need to wee but you keep holding it in going “yeah lemme just finish what I’m doing quickly then go” and before you know it, you are about to burst? Yeah me neither! 😉

So I received an email asking me to share how I drive traffic to my blog and I thought it would be a waste of an answer if I didn’t share it on my blog too.

Yes I have posted about it before, but today, I have condensed it into 3 ways to drive traffic to your blog:

1) Social media – twitter and facebook are a regular source of traffic to my blog. I recommend that you post regularly through out the day or use a scheduler. My go to scheduler is Hootsuite. It is a life send for me because I am able to connect my blog RSS feed to it and in turn to my Twitter and Facebook page. This means that everytime a post is published on my blog, it goes straight to my twitter and Facebook pages without me having to do a thing extra. In my hootsuite dashboard, I can see a list of all my blog posts, so I don’t have to copy and post URLs. All I need do is click a button, well, two buttons to schedule my posts. Here’s a link with further details on how my RSS feed, CoPromote and Twitter work in tandem to do this for me

2) Offer an irresistible incentive – You need to give people a reason to want to visit your website or blog. The sun does not rise and set in your backside. Being friends with you is not reason enough for someone to always visit your blog. Make people care . . . make people need to visit your blog. To achieve this, I offer authors the opportunity to promote their books directly on my blog for further exposure as their posts gets added to my RSS feed which is connected to my twitter and facebook accounts and is emailed to my mailing list. Check out my incentive to authors here

3) Network, network, network – Build relationships, socialise, join blogging communities, start your own blogging communities. The best way to think of this is this “You meet someone for the first time and get invited to their child’s birthday party. At the party where you don’t know anyone other than the host, do you 1) immediately start handing out your business card or 2) socialise, have fun and if asked about what you do, then talk about it?” You can see my post on my blogging community here

So these are my top 3 ways to drive traffic to your blog. What are yours? Please leave a comment below.

Can I sneak in an extra one that I did not give with the reply? Well it’s about your headline first, then your content. You need to use headlines that tug at people and make them want to read your post. If you use dull headlines, it doesn’t matter what strategies you use, your chances of getting traffic are reduced. After your amazing headline, you need to ensure that your content is relevant to your audience. People are more interested in benefits than in features. How does what you have to say benefit the reader?

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3 ways to drive traffic to your blog

PS Before I forget, here’s a link to 101 simple and effective ways to increase your blog traffic. Happy reading 😀

2 thoughts on “3 ways to drive traffic to your blog

  • That’s so true about using social media to drive traffic to your blog. I saw a huge uptick in traffic once I started using Twitter to promote my posts. And when I started offering author interviews on my blog (which is how I connected with you, Segilola!), my pageviews went through the roof compared to what they were before.

    • Exactly . . . By offering author interviews, authors (myself included) had a need you were fulfilling, so had to visit your website.

      It is quite a simple but brilliant strategy . . . helping others helps you in the long run

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