Active bloggers wanted for a new blogging community

Active bloggers wanted for a new blogging community

Hi everyone,

The internet marketing professionals will tell you that it is important to have a blog on your business/brand’s website. There are so many advantages to doing so and a quick search on Google will yield results better than I ever could explain.

That said, as a novice, the benefits I get from writing is that I get to showcase the other aspects of myself that is over and above being an author. Sometimes, I use it as an avenue to communicate with others and remind myself of things that are going on. For instance, in one post, I wrote about my partnership with Jigsaw4u, a UK charity. In another post, I wrote about a review a blogger posted on her blog about my book Yetunde: An Ode to My Mother that I was very proud of.

Blogging is also meant to be a way to drive traffic to one’s website in the hope that the visitors would look through the other posts and pages and potentially make a purchase.

The greater the amount of traffic your website gets, the greater your domain authority and page authority. This in turn leads to your website appearing higher up in search engines.

However, when you are just starting out, how do you drive traffic to your website/blog? There are several ways you can do so which is covered in my podcast published on the 31st of May 2016. If you cannot wait till then, you can listen to it on YouTube. In this episode of my podcast The Segilola Salami Show, the guest authors shared the importance of blogging and their tips on increasing traffic to one’s blog.

One of the ways recommended was about joining a blogging community. I recommend that you listen to it as there are a few blogging communities that one of the authors mentioned that you may want to check out.

I am actually part of two blogging communities myself but they are not specific to authors nor are they book related. So I am not going to share their details here. However, if you would like me to share them with you and explain why I joined them, then I would be more than happy to. Just leave a comment below.

To help my fellow author bloggers and regular book bloggers, I started a blogging community of my own. The purpose of my blogging community would be for members to visit each others blogs, comment on posts and share posts on twitter. Ideally each member would post more than just book reviews, but things that can be used as discussion points. Even if you are not a book blogger, you are more than welcome to join. The main thing is that your blog posts are useful and not just about the latest celebrity gossip.

If you are interested in joining my blogging community, please sign up here

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts on blogging communities. Also click on one of the icons below to share this page.

Here’s to authors and bloggers promoting each other

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active bloggers wanted for a new blogging community

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