Do you NEED to increase your blog exposure? #MUSTREAD

Do you NEED to increase your blog exposure?

I feel like I am slowing beginning to sound like a broken record everytime I say I am not a marketing professional. But honestly I am not. I do not have any formal education in marketing. I just have dogged determination. At age 21 *cough**cough* I don’t have plenty of time to faff around.

If you consult the real marketing professionals, they will tell you that every business and yes you as an author you are a business too. So yes, the marketing professionals will tell you that every business needs to add new content to their websites and blogging regularly is one way to do that.

There are so many articles online that dive into the business of why it is good business to blog regularly.

What you will find a lot of bloggers ask is how do you get traffic? How do you increase your blog exposure?

I remember my very first blog post on this website like it was yesterday. It was published on the 28th of February 2016.

In other to promote my blog, I gave up sleep. So whilst everyone is in bed, I am up at stupid o’clock reading and reading then implementing. Thankfully, I have a virtual pen pal (Tara Woods Turner) who kept me company as she’s in a different time zone.

Anyhoos, I digress. I like to think I am a fast learner, so I have used that time to learn a few things that I don’t think if I hired someone that they would have necessarily told me about.

Two months later, my blog feed has over 2000 subscribers. I have to admit I am still trying to get my head around RSS feeds.

The other day, I typed my blog feed directly into Google and went nosing around websites that post my blog updates. On one such website, I saw that the last blog post had had 45 views already and it was less than 24 hours since I had published the post. This was the only website that I saw that had the views stats displayed. I was well amazed at it.

This got me thinking! If only one person followed my blog posts on each of 2000 websites, that is an extra 2000 people who may not have heard of me otherwise. The downside to this is that, these people may not have reason to visit my website. To be honest, I don’t mind this too much. The main thing I guess is getting the exposure.

So without much ado, here’s what I did to grow my RSS feed subscribers which in turn helped increase my blog exposure
increase blog exposure
My website is a wordpress one by the way
Go into settings, then writing, then update services.
There you will see a very small list of site update services WordPress notifies every time you publish a new post.
I added about 20 more to that list after extensive research, then click save

Next, I linked my blog feed to my twitter account, which is also linked to my facebook page. This means every time I click publish on my blog, the content gets shared automatically to twitter and facebook.

Whenever I need a little boost, I use CoPromote to do so.

copromote increase blog exposure

I boosted a post on twitter that ended up with 55 retweets and 7 link clicks. Imagine if those 55 retweets had only one link click each. That means, that that one post on twitter had sent 62 new visitors to my website.

I don’t use Google Analytics for my website (and I am considering maybe I should but that’s discussion for another day). My analytics show me that the top 3 sources of traffic for May 2016 to date, to my website are: twitter, a book promo site that I am listed on, then facebook.

OK I need to stop now, I have physio in a couple of hours so need to go prepare.

When I come back, I would really appreciate it if you leave a comment below on what strategies you use to increase your blog exposure. Will you implement the strategy I just talked about? Would you like me to share with you the site update services I added to my settings?

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