Interview with character from The Hunter Vampire by Q E Priest

This week’s blog post is an interview from the Horror, Urban Fantasy The Hunter Vampire by Q E Priest. It is aimed at readers aged 18+ especially as it does contain swear words, violence, rape, torture.

The Hunter Vampire by Q E Priest was self published by the author on Amazon on February 20, 2021 and is currently available as a Kindle ebook (ASIN B08X394R1D).

blog post book cover Interview with character from The Hunter Vampire by Q E Priest


Synopsis of The Hunter Vampire by Q E Priest

Spencer McCorkle knows about vampires. He knows their methods and their motives. He knows how to track them and how to find them. He knows all this, because he is a vampire.
If they didn’t want the become prey, they shouldn’t have made him a hunter.

Name of character to be interviewed: Spencer McCorkle
Why was this character chosen for this interview?:

The book is told from his POV. And, he brings a unique slant to all he sees.

Question 1: It is claimed that you’re a hunter, what exactly do you do?

Answer: I rid the world of vampires. I know that sounds kind of grandiose, but it’s true. Basically, I hunt down vampires and kill them. Usually, by completely draining them. Other times, simply by staking or beheading them. As long as they end up gone.

Question 2: How do you hunt them?

Answer: I track them, using a connection all vampires share with those of the same lineage. It’s called a Blood Link, and allows me to hone in on a vampire’s general vicinity, if they’re “related” to a vampire that I’ve already fed on. Once close, I use good old fashioned observation and detection to find the suck-facer in question and eliminate them.

Question 3: Suck-facer?

Answer: It’s what I call vampires. I can’t stand my undead brethren. In fact, calling them “brethren” would make me vomit, if I ate normal food. Suck-facer is a term of loathing that I came up with as a way of expressing that. It’s accurate, demeaning, and I can repeat the term in any social situation.

Question 4: So, you hunt other vampires, “suck-facers” because you hate them?

Answer: Exactly. If there was anyone who hated anything as much as I hate vampires, I would be surprised. If I could, I’d hunt them down around the clock, twenty-four hours a day. I can’t, though, so I do the best I can. And, to be honest, I do a good job.

Question 5: If you hate vampires so much, why did you become one?

Answer: I didn’t choose to be made undead. It was forced upon me. I was tortured, then made into a vampire, all against my will. Now, I figure the least I can do is repay that act by getting rid of as many suck-facers as I can.


This character interview was submitted by the author.

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