The True Conservation 5 Star Film Documentary Connects Real Life Stories To Nature Released This Spring

Are you passionate about film and wildlife? Today’s blog post is a guest post written by Izzy Rose on The True Conservation 5 Star Film Documentary Connects Real Life Stories To Nature Released This Spring. It helps you to identify the true benefits of preserving nature and teaching them to generations to come. It also digs deep into the story of James Meyer who’s legacy is a starlight of inspiration when it comes to entrepreneurs and conservation in Africa.

Introduction to The True Conservation 5 Star Film Documentary

The Boy From The Wild story presents the true accounts of conservation icon James Meyer and his great legacy and impact on the wildlife in South Africa. The story is set in Durban at the Karkloof Valley Nature Reserve, a hidden wilderness gem situated in the hilly countryside of Kwa-Zulu Natal. The Boy From The Wild digs deep into the cultural and natural history of African conservation as well as the creation behind the entire park and educates millions on the importance of wildlife. The Boy From The Wild documentary film will be available to stream on Apple TV at the end of this month.

The Boy From The Wild highlights the picturesque surroundings of Durban

Produced alongside South African filmmaker Werner Kruse, it outlines the stunning vistas of the Safari World. The story really hits home on the elements of connection between wildlife and humans, pinpointing the educational elements of protection and conservation as well as social interaction like the concept of survival or respecting your elders. There is something very unique and rare about this story, Peter is the first to tell his story of growing up in the jungle and learning about respect, nature, protection and survival, qualities that all parents encourage.

Today 100 elephants will be poached, tomorrow another 100!

The impact of COVID-19 has equaled less tourism in South Africa meaning there is no money flow for protecting the wildlife and more locals are turning to poaching as a ‘quick money’ alternative. Conservation is vital to protect the at-risk species and education around animal rehabilitation is needed to preserve their surroundings. The Boy From The Wild story and the Safari Park’s mission is to project the importance of conservation, educating others about the experiences that happen on the front line of animal welfare.

A conventional childhood?

The story also showcases the childhood of Peter Meyer which may not have been conventional, but was certainly exciting, and has instilled a lifelong respect for conservation. Growing up surrounded by surreal wilderness, with elephants and rhinos in his back garden Peter never knew his life was different. Saving animals and protecting the surroundings were his normal day-to-day activities, and he has some amazing tales to tell because of it. Peter went from the wildness of the jungle to the (some might say) wilder life of the city as he has gone on to become a lead hotelier and now actor in blockbuster films such as Allied and also The Commuter where he met Liam Neeson who plays a key role in the success of The Boy From The Wild.

“This is a story about bringing animals out of captivity from around the World and back into the wild. It is a love story to conservation, and seems to be resonating with audiences, which is obviously the intention of any filmmaker.” – Peter Meyer, son of James Meyer and the real Boy From The Wild.

In the documentary you follow Peter Meyer as he educates a young and committed conservation student about animal rehabilitation and walks them through some of his personal experiences during his extraordinary childhood.

Paramount industry professionals estimated that the film production ought to cost from £150k to £200k although the production of the film was made with a budget of only £5,000! This was because many of the people involved wanted to help the production for free, they wanted to be part of this cause and do something to better the world.

About The Boy From The Wild

The Boy From The Wild book, told by the real boy from the wild, Peter Meyer and International Bestselling Author of The Elephant Whisperer, Graham Spence was written from the encouragement of award-winning actor Liam Neeson. Later the head of Disney and National Geographic for India and Far East suggested that the book would be a huge success as a documentary.

Highly recommend seeing ‘The Boy From The Wild’ documentary with the awesome hippos, the spellbindingly beautiful ‘Valley of Heaven’ and see the love for the wild, love for wildlife and the inspiring difference to supporting and protecting wildlife one family can make. Huge congratulations to Peter Meyer, to your family, your creative team and friends! A brilliant tribute to your father. Highly recommend seeing it and buying the awesome book!” – Julia Lilley, an inspiring case study from The Boy From The Wild book and film.

The novel digs deep into the tri-love story between father, son and conservation, uncovering James’ legacy as well as telling Peter’s tale of growing up in the natural reserve.

James Meyer was born in England to an entrepreneurial family and spent many years growing up in South Africa at the age of 16. It was here that James fell in love with Africa and made it his dream to build a nature reserve. 30 years later, after selling the family business this is what James did, and Peter is now dedicated to telling their tale.

CONCLUSION: James passed away 7 years ago and Peter has now made it his dream to tell his fathers story as his own to better educate the world on the lessons that can be learnt from moving between the wild jungle and the concrete jungle. Peter’s story is here to inspire children to start learning & acting now!

About Izzy Rose

Izzy is Goho’s Social Media & PR Executive. She recently graduated with a 1st in multimedia journalism from London South Bank University.

Izzy is a streetwear & youth culture enthusiast who loves finding underground talent to work beside. She is also incredibly passionate about styling, creative direction and social media.

She interned at Rich London PR where she built up an influential network as well as being Managing Editor over at fashion, music and lifestyle magazine Modèle. Izzy also works alongside publications such as Coeval, Noctis, Mission Statement and Equate where she has had some of her work printed. Izzy enjoys super chilled vibes with her friends in her free time alongside playing Animal Crossing. She enjoys sci-fi, mystery and thriller movies and is also a huge foodie so will be often caught in a local London restaurant enjoying all the yummy favours on offer.

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