Quick Guide To saving on Groceries By The Frugal Teen

Quick guide to saving on groceries

Students have a reputation for living off one-ingredient meals or tinned ingredients such as baked beans.

You can escape this stereotype and engage your taste buds a little more if you save money. By doing so, you can afford more nutritious ingredients and better meals.

Here’s my quick quide to saving on groceries and how you can go about this.


There are several apps you can download where you can claim cashback on food and drink products. You buy the product and after uploading the receipt will receive the cashback price listed.

Note: Although they’re very self-explanatory to work, it’s important to read the T&C to know in which shops you can get the products etc.

Here are the main apps:


Quick guide to saving on groceries by the frugal teen


Quick guide to saving on groceries by the frugal teen


Quick guide to saving on groceries by the frugal teen


Quick guide to saving on groceries by the frugal teen


Quick guide to saving on groceries by the frugal teen

Check out this post on the Newbie guide to cashback apps for more info.



This is another money saving method which can give you free coupons to spend on anything in Asda. Some people also do this for Tesco but it’s still under debate whether stores allow it or not so be careful.

So, what is wombling?

Wombling is the art of turning other people’s discarded receipts into vouchers. Asda has something called a Price Guarantee where if your shop is 10% in another shop, they will give you the money back in the form of a voucher.

Quick guide to saving on groceries by the fruhal teen

At the bottom of the receipt there will be a TC# code which you have to enter into their website. If your receipt contains 8 different products that aren’t Asda’s own brand, it’s eligible for the Price Guarantee.

Check out this post Wombling- turning paper into cash for more info.



Now couponing is a very broad subject, but if you’re a newbie to saving money I’d start simple. There are often coupons in supermarkets (especially Tesco) or you can often find coupons on the back of packaging. There are also specific websites you can go on to print them off, here’s some of the main ones:

There are also plenty of money-saving bloggers who post the latest coupons or deals (including myself) so be sure to have a quick Facebook and google search and follow them all!


Yellow stickers

At the end of the day, all major supermarkets will reduce the price of any stock that is running out that day or the next day. This is the best way to get really cheap fruit and vegetables and any fresh produce they make there on the site e.g. sandwiches from meal deals.

By doing this, just shopping a bit later, you can save an awful lot of money and get food that you normally wouldn’t even consider purchasing.

Quick guide to saving on groceries by the frugal teen

So these are my top four tips to get you started. If you already started with this you could save a lot and maybe be able to treat yourself a little more often.

Nevertheless, I will be back soon teaching you more tricks to save you money and maybe talk about these aspects in a little more detail.

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