Pirate illustrations for children

Pirate illustrations for children

Hello everyone!

Today’s illustrations are 2 mazes, color by number and dot to dot, all in the pirate/sea theme. They are suitable for kids in first or second grade.

At the bottom of a color by number illustration, there are numbers that are in colored circles. Other parts of the drawing have numbers on them. This illustration is completed by coloring the numbers corresponding to different colors. In this case, the figure 1 has a red color, so the parts of the image marked with number 1 need to be colored in red.

In the slightly different version of a maze, children should start where the boat and pirate are, and find the right path in order to get the correct item at the other end of the rope. Once the correct rope has been found, the pictures can be colored in.

By completing dot to dot illustration, children practice counting numbers while connecting the dots to reveal a hidden picture. They start from dot with a number 1 and continue in ascending order till the last number. Afterwards they can complement the picture by coloring and drawing in another related items.

To view a larger image of each illustration, simply click on the illustration.

To download and print an illustration, right click on the illustration, choose save image as. A new window opens with the locations of where you want to save illustration to. Choose your desired located and click save. Once it is saved, open the illustration from the location you saved it to and you can print it from there.


Lighthouse coloring Pirate illustrations for children

Pirate maze final Pirate illustrations for children

Treasure final Pirate illustrations for children

Please leave a comment below . . . what do you think of today’s Pirate illustrations for children? Do you have any recommendations for my next illustrations? If you know anyone who would love these illustrations, please click on one of the icons below to share this page. Until next time, happy drawing 😀

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