Illustrated word games for children

Illustrated Word Games

Hello everyone!

It’s me again, . Illustrations for this week are popular illustrated word games suitable for kids in 4th and 5th grade. There are two cryptograms and two anagrams.

Cryptograms – Children should solve the puzzle of an encrypted text to get an answer to a question. The letters of the alphabet are being represented by ciphers. To crack the code, children must replace each cipher with the correct letter. Also, the animals portrayed can be colored in. For instance, in the first illustration below with the snake, there are two words with numbers underneath them. Above the snake is a table of the alphabet with numbered codes. The first letter of the first word has the number 25 under it. If you look in the alphabet table, the letter H has 25 under it, so H is the first letter of the first word. Now use this method to figure out the rest of the letters.

Anagrams – Anagram stands for  a word or phrase made by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. In this case, children should rearrange the letters of every word and once done, they should be able to create hidden words by putting together letters from created words. For this week’s illustrations, use the animals in each illustration as the clue to what the hidden word is.

To view a larger image of each illustration, simply click on the illustration.

To download and print an illustration, right click on the illustration, choose save image as. A new window opens with the locations of where you want to save illustration to. Choose your desired located and click save. Once it is saved, open the illustration from the location you saved it to and you can print it from there.

Hope you like it!

Please send in a picture of your completed illustrations to Facebook or Twitter. What illustrations would you like me to draw for next week?


Snake cryptogram Illustrated word games


Snail cryptogram Illustrated word games


Fox anagram Illustrated word games


Nature anagram Illustrated word games


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