How to pray to Orisa Aje

Recently, I’ve been receiving emails asking me for more content on Aje. So this blog post is on how to pray to Orisa Aje, goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Before I proceed, I’m going to share with you the similarity between the more popular religions and the Yoruba traditional belief system.

Modern religions v Yoruba traditional belief

In the history of Christianity, according to the Bible, God sent down disciples to teach His word. This is the same for Islam and their prophet.

In Yoruba land, we believe that the almighty God, Olodumare aka Olorun, sent down the Orisas to carry out different duties on earth.
However, due to both the Arab slave trade and colonisation, the Yoruba traditional belief was tagged as being evil.

Are the Orisas evil?

I’m a firm believer that a tool on its own is neither good nor evil. Its label is dependent on how the wielder uses. For instance if you use a stool to simply sit down, it is not evil. If you use a stool to hit everyone you come across, you could tag the stool as being evil.

I’ll share another example. Growing up in Nigeria, we were blessed to have a maid and driver. When we had to go out, we would ask the driver to take us out, not our parents. When we needed a snack we would ask the maid. Is there any sense in going to our parents to ask for food when all the provision had been made? There was also no sense in asking our parents to drive us when they had made the provision. All we had to do was tell our parents thank you for their provisions.

So also, the Orisas on their own are neither good nor evil. When we use them for the purpose that they were sent to the world for, we simply need to give our Creator Olodumare our thanks.

What does Orisa Aje do?

Orisa Aje is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. You don’t go to her to give you money like magic, out of thin air. You ask for business opportunities. It is for this reason that Monday is called Ojo Aje.

Basis of a good prayer

I once read a book called Prayer that MOVES Mountains by Gordon Lindsay where the author wrote that prayer begins with praise and worship. Anything you ask from God should be mingled with praise and thanksgiving.

Prayer is not a tool to gratify selfish desires nor a tool for wickedness. For instance, you should not pray for something bad to happen to someone else.

God does not bless a prayer that is motivated by greed.

Where should you pray?

As prayer is a solemn act, it should be done the right way. It is important that you seclude yourself so that you are free from interruption.

Whilst we know that our God is everywhere, when you are focusing on communicating with your Creator Olodumare, you should do so without interruption.

For instance, when you are having a conversation with someone, if there is a lot of noise and distraction, how focused are you on the conversation you are trying to have?

If you know that you can easily be distracted by external factors when having a conversation with someone, then it is even more important to seclude yourself when praying so that you can focus on your prayer.

What to pray for

As this post is about Aje, I’ll focus on the money aspect of prayer. Do NOT pray for money and do NOT pray to money. Rather ask Aje for business opportunities to help you fulfil your own destiny.

Your prayer should include how you intend to use the opportunities when given to you eg “… so that I can help those around me who do not have”

If you are praying for prosperity to harm someone, it is very likely that your prayer will not be answered.

Is praying for Business opportunities alone enough?

Praying alone is not sufficient to bring about prosperity.

How you behave should not destroy the opportunities given to you.

For instance, if your prayers are answered and opportunities are presented to you, you should imbibe good business behaviour to not destroy the opportunities by not being rude to your customers.

That’s why it is also important to ask for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and patience.

In addition to prayer, you should work on developing yourself to offer value.

oriki aje praise poetry for the goddess of wealth and prosperity

source: Google images

Finally, here’s How to pray to Orisa Aje for prosperity

1) You do not have to have a consecrated shrine. Just stay somewhere cool and free from interruption so you can focus on your prayer
2) Do this after you have had your shower and brushed your teeth. Remember, cleanliness is next to Godliness
3) Give thanks to Olodumare for all the blessings you have had in the past, give thanks for the blessings you have today and give thanks for the blessings you will receive in the future
4) Offer your prayer asking Olodumare to send Aje to your life to give you opportunities to prosper that would help you fulfil Olodumare’s will in your life. Also ask for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and patience so that you can make best use of the opportunities that come your way
5) Make a promise to Olodumare that as long as He answers your prayer and doesn’t allow you to suffer in poverty, you will support yourself and your family and those people around you who are in need of support and help
6) You may repeat this prayer every Monday
7) To show your commitment to the promise you make to Olodumare, you should start now by doing something to help someone else today. Don’t accept any reward for the help you offer.

I pray you can benefit from this blog post on How to pray to Orisa Aje. May Olodumare be with you.

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