How to Get Your First Book Promoted Well by Lucy Adams

How to Get Your First Book Promoted Well

Promoting the first book may become a great challenge for an unknown author, even if his work of art is a real masterpiece and written by gurus like on this website. But just in case, here’s advice given by Lucy Adams!

Enjoy these tips on how to get your first book promoted well after the release, and apply them to practice to boost your sales!

#1 Distribution on the Internet

You’re not going to limit yourself only to a printed version of the book, are you? (Well, be sure to leave at least a hundred copies of the book to distribute it among the VIPs of your niche).

Where to post and sell your book?

  • Personal website. I hope you’ve created a website for your book or announced the release on your blog/website, at least. Otherwise, you may get into trouble.
  • Online Stores. Click here to choose among the top-20 e-book selling platforms.

#2 Roundtable

By gathering roundtable, you’ll give life to the book outside of the paper sheets. Yes, you reach a limited number of people, but if you present your masterpiece well, they will spread the necessary information in mass. Invite people who have some weight in your target group or are the co-authors.

A big plus of the event is its small budget. You do not have to book VIP-zone in a prestigious restaurant – feel free to assign meeting in an unfrequented café or in the institute’s auditorium. By the way, you can conduct a round table several times to communicate with many people at low cost (although you’ll need to invest some money to provide buffet table and photographers).

As part of a barter exchange, you can even find the informational partner who will carry the announcement of your event in a variety of media that will attract even more attention to the potential readers.

how to get your first book promoted well by lucy adams

#3 Presentation

Presentation in major bookstores of the city will greatly increase the sales of your first book. However, you need to be well prepared for this event, getting ready to present the book to both the audience gathered in the bookstore for your sake and third-party people accidentally caught up in the place.

Your speech should contain not only general information about your product, but also be adapted to the needs of different categories of the population.

Present your book as a perfect gift, an easy night reading, an additional source of self-education, etc. Be ready to heat debates while answering the question of future readers. After all, there is nothing that attracts attention so much than a bright confrontation between an author and readers.

#4 Gift to a VIP

Visit any performance of a famous person, included in your VIP list, and attract his/her attention. You can do it by asking an interesting question, as well as by giving him the book, the basic idea of which interferes with the performance topic. Of course, the VIP won’t refuse to accept your gift, and will get a good opportunity to advertise your first book to a large audience.

How to Get Your First Book Promoted Well by lucy adams

#5 Prohibition

Don’t be surprised by the fact I suggest you to create a sense of deficit in the eyes of readers. It has long been known that the forbidden fruit is sweet.

Therefore, to ensure good sales, you need to organize a “ban campaign”. It does not matter what is your genre, there is always a controversial moment in the text that may seem unacceptable for someone and cause a variety of arguments and public debates. comprehension after viewing. The easier,

Naturally, “ban campaign” shouldn’t reach the Ministry of Culture☺.

I do believe the game is worth the candle.

#6 Viral videos

Create a viral video, in which a third party unrelated to your book openly advertises it. The most simple and banal idea for your viral video is to show benefits that your book gives to the reader. Ideally, these benefits should be visualized, not veiled and understandable to all.

The viral video should not be too heavy for perception. The easier, the funnier and the more original, the better.

#7 Recommendations

To attract the maximum attention, you need to get recommendations from the large scientific organization. For example, it can be any institution, business or even the Ministry of Education!

Of course, it’s impossible to just come and get a recommendation from a serious organization. You need to look for different ways to solve this issue.

#8 Press Release

The press release should always be at your fingertips as it’s an indispensable part of the promotion. It should contain a synopsis of your product, information about the author and the edition, the publishing house, and a few reviews.

If your book has been screened or subjected to some prohibitions, you can also specify this information in the press release.

#9 Fake Blog

You may start a fake blog under the name of a fictional critic to slowly advertise your first book. This may seem to be a black hat promotion method, but who told you others don’t use it? Who told you it’s possible to beat the competition while remaining totally clean?

how to get your first book promoted well by lucy adams

#10 English Version of the Book

The most obvious thing you can do to reach the maximum audience is to translate the book into the most popular world languages. The key is to make sure the translation is correct and doesn’t distort the original meaning.

About Lucy Adams:

Lucy Adams is a blogger who provides help with essay writing at the lowest price. As for the blog posts of the author, they are totally free! Don’t miss an opportunity to collaborate with this diligent writer and get an in-depth research in a matter of days.

The tips given in this article are the exclusive opinion of Lucy Adams

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  • Hi Lucy,
    Your marketing article is very timely as my first book will be coming out shortly. You have very good advice! I do have a question. Maybe it’s just a question that has gotten lost in translation. What is a ‘Roundtable’? Is it a critique group? Please explain this. Thanks!Deb

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