See what the current economic situation has turned @HP and @SiteGround to

Last year, I thought about writing about a couple of companies that I felt were being very dodgy in their dealings but decided against it. However, it seems that more and more companies are changing their policies to the detriment of their customers. Should we blame this on the current economic situation? I try to not write negative reviews but I am so annoyed right now. It feels like wherever I turn, companies are trying to short-change me.



Around June last year, I bought a brand new HP Deskjet All in One printer. I bought this printer because it was wireless and I do like the HP brand. Plus, as you can imagine, wires and a 3yo don’t really go together. During set-up, there was the option to sign up for an Instant Ink account. I signed up because there was an option that you didn’t have to pay anything if you printed less than 15 pages per month. I rarely print anything these days. In fact, technology has advanced so much that when you would normally need to print pdfs to fill them out, now you can simply complete the forms on your computer, add your eSignature and email it back to whoever. Thus, no printing needed and you do your bit to protect the environment.


see what the current economic situation has turned @hp and @siteground to


So for me, the HP Instant ink account was perfect. I got it because, maybe once a year, I may need to print something. I would have been happy to pay for extra usage should the need arise. I used my printer mainly for the scan option.

Sometime last year, the card details I had registered with my Instant Ink account got damaged and I got a replacement card. Earlier on this month, I got an email from HP telling me to update my card details as they weren’t able to charge my account. I was confused by this because I know that in all of 2018, if at all I have needed to print anything, it would have been less than 5 pages (and that’s me overestimating). I assumed that was an email sent in error so I ignored it.

A few days after that first email, I got another email telling me that if I don’t update my billing details, my account would get suspended. I tried calling HP but was on hold for ages and couldn’t get through to speak to someone. When I viewed my online account to see what was going on, it turns out that HP had changed my plan without notifying me first. If my registered card had not been damaged, they would have taken £1.99 every month from my account until I noticed it on my bank statement.

I reviewed the available plans and HP had removed the free option that allowed up to 15 pages to be printed per month for free. Now the cheapest option as at when I viewed my account about a week ago was £1.99 for up to 50 pages printed.

As I couldn’t get through to anyone, I tried emailing them and my emails bounced back saying that the email addresses I wrote to were no longer monitored. Not only could I not get through to speak to someone, I couldn’t even email them. Well done HP, what a fantastic company you are.

Considering that I didn’t print anything most of the time, there was no need for me to be on the Instant Ink plan. According to what I saw when I tried to cancel my plan, should I cancel my Instant Ink cartridges will no longer work. I should have simply bought a regular ink cartridge like I normally did in the first place. Sometimes, these fancy offers are just trojan horses.



SiteGround was actually the company that made me decide to write this post at 5am in the morning when I should be in bed. When I spoke to their sales agent in 2016, when I was considering signing up with them to host my website, the sales agent told me that if I get a hosting plan with them and kept hosting with them, every year, I would get a free domain FOREVER! After my discussion with the sales agent, it was decided that I should register a brand new domain, as the domain I already had had a few more months before it was due to expire, so I agreed.

A year and a half later, I got an email telling me that the free forever domain that they promised me was now no longer going to be free. Why am I even shocked? I contacted SiteGround a few minutes ago and was told that they are within their rights to change their prices and the only obligation they owe me is to notify me of the changes. What I choose to do afterwards is left to me.

Now I am faced with either supporting a company that cannot honour a simple agreement or look for another hosting company. Such joys eh!

Oh as if that was not bad enough, SiteGround has been trying to get me to upgrade my plan, saying that I have been exceeding my allowance even though I know for a fact that I have not. It seems all they are interested in is just the money now. They used to be such a good company and I thought I would have been with them for a long while.


Is this what the economic situation has turned companies to? That they can no longer keep to agreements? That they can break their own terms and conditions to the detriment of their customers.

This week, I have been so exhausted and it seems that dealing with such stupidities is what is adding to my exhaustion. I cannot even trust a company to do what they say they would.

Two nights ago, I went to the toilet to ‘wee’ before going to bed. I woke up to find myself sleeping whilst sitting on the toilet seat. Being a mom is hard work already but now I had to be extra vigilant to make sure that companies don’t fleece me of the little money I have.

The other day, I went to a Tesco express and got home to find out that I was overcharged £0.85. Tip for today folks, always check your receipts before leaving. I normally always do, but with a 3yo underfoot, it isn’t always possible.

I do online shopping with Sainsbury’s. I ordered something that was listed as £1.55. After the delivery driver had left, I noticed that I was charged £1.95 for that same exact item. Do I spend my scarce time calling them up for a £0.40 refund or let it go?

I imagine that if all supermarkets overcharged 1 million customers £1 per day, that’s pure profit of £365 million pounds to the supermarkets.


What do you think of the current economic situation?

What has been your experience with companies and the current economic situation? Do you find that companies are making policies that do not favour their customers? Please leave a comment below. Misery loves company ehehehhehe

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