Are you a mom? Well, you deserve a VIP night out! This app can help

As a first time parent, I found myself losing my sense of self as all I did was focus on bringing up my lovely daughter. Acceptance is the first stage in turning things around for good. I had to accept that I was getting overwhelmed with life and part of the reason was that I did not take time to recharge my batteries. Think about this for a minute; when you listen to the safety announcement on a flight before you take off, they tell you to ‘secure yourself first before helping anyone else‘. As a mother, you need to ensure that your physical, mental and emotion well-being is taken care of before you can do that for anyone else. That’s what I have been attempting to do the last few months. Only the other day, I told a friend that it had been a while since I had a night out and would love to change that soon. Then, when I found out about an app that can help you have a VIP night out, I just had to blog about it.


What is this VIP night out app?

Update: 03.09.2018 12:07

Sorry folks, I have had to delete the post because the CEO of the company was not happy with what I wrote.

A lot of times brands approach me to write about them or if I see a brand looking for a blogger, I contact them for more info. I do this because I like discovering new things and offers. I also like writing about something new. As an author, I think my blog would be extremely boring if all I ever did was write about my books.

Anyhoos, on this occasion, even though I made it clear to the brand that a lot of my followers are parents and I write things in a way that suits my followers, the CEO of the company was not happy with what I wrote. I told him that I would publish the article after writing it but he got upset after I published my post even though he never requested to see the post before I published it.

As you can see from his email, moms do not go to the clubs in his app. If moms do not go there and I’m a mom, then I have no business writing about it.

I had shared this link on social media yesterday and didn’t want people to get a “page does not exist” by deleting the post completely, hence this update.

Do you know any apps that are mom-friendly and would give us a VIP night out? Please leave a comment below


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