How to make cheese stuffed courgette bread rolls

In this post, I’m sharing with you how I made cheese stuffed courgette bread rolls and the things I learned from this first attempt. It had been a while since I last baked a loaf of bread. The time to do so just hadn’t been available. When I had my last groceries delivered, I had hoped to bake a loaf of courgette bread but before I knew it, the courgette was getting really soft and soggy. THAT was the cue I needed to bake immediately. Whilst looking at the courgette, I was inspired to bake something I hadn’t baked before.

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Ingredients for the cheese stuffed courgette bread roll

I rarely use an exact measurement when cooking or baking, so it is better you follow your regular bread recipe and adjust as appropriate.

500g plain flour (I hate added ingredients as in self-raising but you are welcome to use that)

1 wooden spoon measure of dry yeast

1 wooden spoon measure of sugar

1/3 wooden spoon measure of salt

1 big wooden spoon measure of soft margarine

1 courgette (or zucchinni)

about 50 mls hot water

about 50 mls UHT milk

Grated mozzarella cheese (or whatever cheese you like)

Extra flour for kneading


5 minutes + 1 hour + 5 minutes


30 – 40 minutes

METHOD to make my cheese stuffed courgette bread roll

I would normally grate my courgette using a hand grater but as it was soft, I used the sharp blades of my food processor to chop it. I added in just enough hot water to make the chopped courgette and its juice lukewarm to touch. Then, I added in half the flour, all the salt, sugar, yeast and butter and blitz’d for a few seconds in bursts. I added in the rest of the flour and blitz’d but it felt a bit too dry for the food processor so I added in the milk.

When baking bread, if I use milk as the only liquid, I find that it makes my bread really dense. Eating 1 slice of milk bread that I bake is more than enough for me. Whenever I eat 2 slices, it feels like there’s a rock in my stomach. Whereas with supermarket bread, I would eat 3 slices at a time, little piggy, I know.

When I use water alone, it makes the bread extra fluffy.

I can’t explain why but when using mainly water, I still like to add a few drops of milk to the wet dough. The texture seems perfect for my tastes. With practice, you’ll discover what YOU like texture- and taste-wise.

When using a food processor, the dough is always going to be wet. I transfer my wet dough to a bowl (because I don’t like getting everywhere dirty). I add dusting flour to the bowl and knead until you get the normal dough shape and it is not sticky to touch. If making a normal loaf of bread, there really isn’t much need to use a rolling pin to stretch the bread.

This takes me, give or take, 5 minutes in total.

I simply pop it into a dark cupboard and let it double in size. This takes, give or take, about an hour, depending on how warm your kitchen is.

A cheat method is to turn on your oven to full blast for one minute and switch it off before you start prepping the dough. This way, by the time the dough is ready, the oven would be a little bit warm and should take less time to double in size. The key here is that the oven is only a little bit warm NOT hot. You may not need to turn on your oven for a whole minute.

Once it’s double in size, I take it out of the cupboard, give the top a few punches and pull out small rolls. I flatten the rolls by hand, added a small amount of the grated cheese to the middle and closed the edges.

The next time I make cheese stuffed courgette bread rolls, I would use a rolling pin to flatten the rolls. I think doing so would give me more room to add in more cheese. It would also ensure I even thickness.

I oiled and floured a round baking pan and lined each cheese stuffed courgette bread roll in it. My little human was getting really impatient at this point so I turned on my oven to gas mark 5.

Normally, you are meant to let the dough rise a bit before baking but with my little human buzzing in my ear, I simply popped the baking tin in the oven and let it rise there. After maybe 10 minutes or so, I turned the oven to gas mark 7 and let it bake for another 20 minutes or so.

I took out the baking tin, took the bread out, the bottom of the bread would get soggy otherwise and pulled out one roll. The middle was still undercooked.

I popped everything back into the baking tin and in the oven and turned up the heat to gas mark 9. Give or take 10 minutes later, the middle was baked perfectly.


My first attempt in baking cheese stuffed courgette bread rolls got the thumbs up sign of approval from my little human.

The taste of the bread roll is very different to that of supermarket bread and bread rolls. I think this recipe is great not just to eat alone but as a base for other things. So if you wanted bread and soup, this is a good base to use. For my tastes, I would have this bread roll with egg stew, hmmmm yum yum.

So there you have it, this is how to make Segilola Salami’s cheese stuffed courgette bread rolls.

This is not just food, this is Segilola Salami’s homemade food!


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You should note this

This recipe is preservative free! Now if your household is anything like mine, these bread rolls would not last a full 24 hours. Whenever I’ve got the time, I bake a couple of loaves at a time and pop them into my freezer immediately they cool down.

The crust can harden when left out but 5 – 10 seconds in a microwave at full blast is more than enough time to soften it.

The only thing lacking in my kitchen is a bread tin. I’m hoping to get one, one of these days. I’ve got my eyes on something like this

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