Sunday Snippet – She: A Horror Novel

Hello folks, thanks for checking out my blog today. Today’s Sunday Snippet is from David Kummer and his book She: A Horror Novel.

Here’s a little intro from him (we connected on Goodreads)

Hi. My name is David Kummer. I’m an author that’s only in high school and so I’m still learning and growing (I’m not Caillou, so sorry if that sounded like it. If I was Caillou, I’d tell you for sure.) and figuring out how to become a better author.

I live in Madison, Indiana, which is a small town on the Ohio River. There’s lots of history and creepy places, which probably have influenced my writings. In my book SHE, most of the places and buildings are based off similar settings here in my home town, although I’ve changed them so that you wouldn’t know really if I didn’t tell you.

I would love to get to know you better, so email me at

The Snippet

With a quick tear, he ripped the curtains back as they all looked out, and there it was.

Nothing. There was nothing unusual outside.

No lady standing there, no shocking revelation; there was a road, running off out of their vision to the right and left. There was a street lamp, casting its shadowy glow onto the bushes and lawns below. There were houses lining the side of the road, spaced apart but still close together. There was nothing.

“Brandon…” Crystal began to say, but he was stumbling backwards.

He fell backwards and landed on the bed.

“Brandon, it’s okay man,” Michael said, looking at his best friend anxiously. “Maybe she just didn’t come tonight.”

“I swear…  every night…  she …”

He looked up at them with wild eyes. His sanity came crumbling down, and every pretentious wall he built up was torn to pieces like shredded paper blown in the wind. Left with nothing and no sense of what was going on or what was real, he sat down with a thud on the bed and leant back, staring at the ceiling.

“Guys,” said Christian warily from over by the window.

“What do you want?” Michael said, sounding harsh. He did not turn around.

“I see…”

“What do you see, Christian?” his sister asked with attitude, not at all interested.

“I see her. And she sees me.”

In a moment, they were all staring down at the streetlamp.

There was a lady.

Her face was grave and serious, with wrinkles marking it like the ridges in wood. Her long, white hair seemed to have once been black, but nearly all traces of that color were gone. She stood, hunched in a way, but still menacing. One gnarled, shaky finger pointed up at them from the street, and her eyes seemed to glow.

“What…  what is that?” Crystal asked, leaning on Michael for support.

Brandon was undaunted and steady, as if he had been expecting this all along.


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