Top 20 Chinese dramas to watch for free during the Covid-19 pandemic

As the Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world to a stand still, I thought you would enjoy my top 20 Chinese dramas to watch for free when you have to stay at home and self isolate.

top 20 Chinese dramas to watch for free when you have to stay at home and self isolate

YouTube is my favourite app to watch dramas on because most of them are free to watch. Also, you can download the dramas to watch offline.

Fantasy Chinese Dramas

These Chinese dramas feature Chinese immortals as the main theme. The immortals sometimes do visit the mortal realm. There’s always romance and martial arts and lots of excitement.

1 – Ice Fantasy

2 – Eternal Love (aka Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms)

3 –  Love and Destiny

4 –  Eternal Love of Dreams

5 – Legend of White Snake

6 – Ashes of Love



Chinese Costume Dramas

These Chinese dramas are mostly historical dramas with a mix of romance and martial arts.

7 – The King’s Woman

8 –  The Eternal Love 1

9 – The Eternal Love 2

10 – The Joy of Life

11 – The Legend of Chusen

12 – Princess of Langling King

13 – The Story of Minglan

14 – The Story of Yanxi Palace

15 – Legend of Fuyao

16 – Legend of the Phoenix

17 – The Dark Lord

18 – Dr. Cutie

19 – The Journey of Flower

20 – An Oriental Odyssey


Phewwww that’s it, my top 20 Chinese dramas to watch during the coronavirus pandemic.

This was a difficult list to make. I’ve lost track of the number of Chinese dramas I’ve watched over the last few years and it’s really hard narrowing the best ones.

Even my little human enjoys watching Chinese dramas with me. As she’s only 5 years old and just learning to read, she loves identifying words she knows.

Do let me know which of the dramas you get into and if your little ones like reading subtitles too.

What other dramas are you watching now that we have to self-isolate and stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic??

Would you like me to make a list of my favourite Chinese dramas in modern times?? Please do leave a comment below

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