The Classroom Of My Life by Keshia D. Keith

The Classroom Of My Life by Keshia D. Keith

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About The Classroom Of My Life

The author, Keshia Keith, recounts the turbulent experiences she endured, as a result of having postpartum depression. In this captivating book based on her personal account of the physical, emotional, and spiritual battle to cope, Keshia takes us through periods of uncertainty, sadness, frustration, and triumph. During this tumultuous period, Keshia finds herself in the psychiatric hospital wrestling with what is real and what is not. Having been a graduate student for the past two years, she truly entered what she would so accurately title this book-The Classroom of My Life.

 The Classroom of My Life Paperback – November 8, 2016 by Keshia D. Keith (Author)


Author Bio

Keshia D. Keith is a native of South Carolina. She has experienced postpartum depression and has been led to share her awakening. Keshia is a licensed professional counselor (LPC), possessing a PhD in Counseling Studies. Keshia teaches undergraduate and graduate psychology courses. She provides counseling services to various populations, to include children and adolescents, individuals, couples, and families.

She has been a military spouse for over sixteen years, which has allowed Keshia to travel and meet other military spouses and families. When she isn’t working, Keshia and her family enjoy spending quality time together at home, visiting with family and friends, playing golf, and traveling. She currently resides in Oklahoma.


Why choose this book?

This book is important because postpartum depression is real. This book will encourage women and men to push through the difficult times and identify the tools needed for a life of reduced stress.


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