Wonder why Londoners are simply the best in the world?

Londoners are simply the best

Londoners get a lot of stick about being unfriendly, unhelpful blah blah blah. As a Londoner myself, I think most non-Londoners just don’t get us. In my opinion (and no I’m not being biased completely) Londoners are simply the best.

One of the things I love about my fellow Londoners is that if you are seen to be in need, they’d all rally around you to help. You don’t even need to ask for help. If anything, I think it’s the non-Londoners who have made assumptions about what Londoners are like and try to act that way, that give Londoners in general a bad rep.


Case study

There’s a mommy group on Facebook that I’m a member of. Just the other day, someone posted a comment asking for help for her twenty something year old friend who was pregnant and homeless. The friend in question was from one of the other countries in Europe and didn’t have any family here that could support her. The chap who got her pregnant had absconded. To make matters worse, she used to work cash in hand, so didn’t have anything to use as proof of income and she defaulted on her rent.

From the council’s point of view, she had made herself intentionally homeless by defaulting on her rent, so they were not obligated to help her out. With no verifiable source of income, she would struggle to get private rented accommodation.

With the rep that Londoners have, you would expect that the other moms in the group would make mean comments about the lady and her situation, especially post Brexit.


Like I said before, Londoners are simply the best. . .

Fortunately, that didn’t happen. What happened instead? Most of the moms who replied, where super helpful, posting links to charities and giving lots of helpful advice. As if that wasn’t enough, the moms started making arrangements to get the lady things for her baby. Remember, this is a lady that most of the moms do not know, yet were willing to buy things for her and her baby.

Housing tips for tenants

As a tenant myself, here are some tips I would like to share:

  1. Where possible, ask about the previous tenants that lived in a property you want to move into. Why did they leave? What is the landlord like? Landlords can be sharks (I’m talking from experience here). There have been stories of landlords evicting tenants who reported faults that needed fixing
  2. If you are self employed, try to have some proof of earning. If at all possible, ask for payments to be made directly into your bank account. If not, at least keep your receipts and/or invoices
  3. Keep evidence of the dates you paid your rent. This is what you will use to get your deposit back should the landlord claim you did not pay rent
  4. Ensure that your deposit is put in a deposit protection scheme
  5. If an emergency comes up and you cannot keep up with your rent, speak to your landlord immediately and come to some sort of agreement
  6. Not paying your rent is usually one of the grounds a court would give a landlord possession of his/her property back before your contract is up. This could lead to a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against you
  7. If you find yourself homeless (irrespective of the cause) there’s usually someone that can help. Contact your local council for advice.


To put things into perspective. . .

Check out this infographic provided by HomeLet. It covers the rights of tenants that you may find useful too.

Londoners are simply the best

Without sounding like a broken record, Londoners are simply the best. What do you think of this article? Do you know any Londoners that are the best? Leave your comments below. There’s love in sharing, so please click on one of the social icons below to share this post.

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