Character Interview: THE BALLAD OF PERSEPHONE by Abdur R Mohammed

Today’s Character Interview is from the Science Fiction, Action-Adventure, Historical novel THE BALLAD OF PERSEPHONE by Abdur R Mohammed. Whilst aimed at readers 16+, it has no adult themes. There are possibly two innocent swear words and one explicit/violent scene. THE BALLAD OF PERSEPHONE was self-published by the author on the 27th of August 2019 and is an currently available as a paperback, ISBN-13: 978-173247536-6 and eBook, ISBN-13: 978-173247537-3.


BOOK COVER from Science Fiction, Action-Adventure, Historical novel THE BALLAD OF PERSEPHONE by Abdur R Mohammed

Synopsis of THE BALLAD OF PERSEPHONE by Abdur R Mohammed


The ancients from the stars shall return.

A global plague ends with the miraculous birth of Princess Persephone of House Enlil – sole heir to the Hyperborian Empire. An innocent encounter reveals a plot clothed in divine purpose, threatening stability within the realms of humanity. At risk is a powerful relic from the stars which ushers in the return of the Anunnaki. Fates converge on a dystopian precipice. Persephone’s naivete is stripped away, drawing battle lines between ancient houses. She cradles humanity’s destruction within, with her family’s mantra on bloody lips, “Man cannot rule man.”
The wheels of fate tumble towards a precipice of dystopia in an age before the “deluge.” A time where the myths of today are born and the path to prophecy is paved.

Name of character to be interviewed: Osiris of ENki

Why was this character chosen for this interview?:

Osiris is chosen because he is a key figure in Persephone’s journey, albeit he has his own journey. He can paint a brief picture of the main protagonist the way others won’t be able to.

Question 1: Where were you last night? Were you preparing for this interview or doing something else?

Answer: That’s three questions, but since you asked…I was in Corinth – Southern Illyria, playing cards with menacing pirates. I was doing a marvelous job of losing ill-gotten coin until, Persephone decided to cheat and got us chased out of the tavern. They had phenomenal ‘Fish & Chips’ by the way…could rival ‘Renny’s’ in Portsmouth, U.K. After I dropped the wench at her aunt Octavia’s, I got on a shuttle straight here. Slept until an hour ago.

Question 2: Do you spend a lot of time with Persephone?

Answer: Of late, no. She’s a year younger than me. We grew up together in the Royal-Palace in Hyperboria. Spent most of our childhood with Koray, our best friend. We got older and drifted apart, up until she followed me into a brothel in Aryavan. Since then I can’t shake her.

Question 3: Are you intimated by her? She being the sole heir to Hyperboria.

Answer: Please, Persephone is a Royal brat…the kind who thinks everyone loves her and can’t wait to shower her with praise. I suppose she buys into Prince Vali’s propaganda of pushing divinity on her. Hey, whose interview is this anyway? You want to know about her…ask her.

Question 4: What are your plans for the future?

Answer: I seem to have none…nothing specific anyway. Right now, I’ve been summoned to the Royal-Palace by my brother Thoth – he’s the ‘Keeper-of-Secrets’. I take things as they come and try to have a good time along the way.

Question 5: Summarize what you hope for the future.

Answer: We are blessed with extremely long life. Planning anything past ‘The Awakening’ is futile at best – that’s nearly 3000-years off. All the same, I have to do my part to insure when ‘The Forefathers’ return, the world is balanced as they expect it, and deal with any pitfalls that will secure a devastating judgment before then.

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