Sunday Snippet – Meeting of the Mustangs

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Today’s Sunday Snippet is from Cathy Kennedy. Cathy spent the first years of her life growing up in Pennsylvania before moving to South Florida at age 17. Her book, Meeting of the Mustangs, was started during her teenage years in Pennsylvania and would not be completed until many years later.

The story of the wild mustangs is somewhat reflective of her life living in the country, where her family owned horses. She wanted to complete the book for younger readers who have a love for horses, and finally convinced herself that she should continue the story where she’d stopped writing many years before.

She currently lives in Ohio with her husband and three rescued tuxedo cats.

The Snippet:

He didn’t see the butterfly that flew past his nose, but he did see its shadow. He got up from his silly coltish position and began to chase it. For the three months of his life so far, he had always loved to chase shadows. He would chase bird shadows, butterfly shadows, even things as silly as shadows of tall flowers blowing in the wind. He often caught up with them, too, but he could never figure out why he couldn’t keep ahold of them. It was just too much for his young mind, despite the fact that he was only a horse.
The reason he could catch up with them was because he was fast — very fast. In fact, he was much faster than any of the other three- and four-month-old mustangs in the band. He had been born three months before, to a big, beautiful chestnut mare and his sire, who was also large. He was colored like his sire – pitch black.
Only hours before, the big mountain lion had attacked again. The horses were peacefully grazing when the stealthy cat had dropped from a tree and onto the black colt’s unsuspecting father. Hearing his screams of distress and fearing for the safety of the band, the lead mare had signaled for them to flee. Panicked, they left the scene at full gallop, leaving the unfortunate stallion to fight the cat alone.
Although the mountain lion had not pursued them, the mares and young horses ran a great distance, the mares pushing the younger ones to keep pace with them. When the young horses could go no further, they had finally slowed and come to rest, the lead mare intently looking in every direction to make certain that the predator had not followed them.

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