Sunday Snippet: Saying “Yes” to (No): Learning the Power of (No) by Sy Asad

Today’s Sunday Snippet is a short snippet from self-help book Saying “Yes” to (No): Learning the Power of (No) by Sy Asad.

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About Saying “Yes” to (No): Learning the Power of (No) by Sy Asad

Not truly saying what you mean and meaning what you say will cause problems. “Saying “Yes” To (No): Learning The Power Of (No)” helps to teach or remind the benefits of being transparently honest even if the response is, “No”. We are taught that (No) is bad, and sometimes it is, but it also can be the best thing heard and or said. There are things we must do in life to secure a happier existence and one of those things is learning the power and importance of (No). “Saying “Yes” to (No): Learning the Power of (No) is more than just a good book, it’s a guide to effectively speaking your mind and living your best life!

First Chapter Snippet: 

 Say, “No” to be a Yes

 A lot of times we think saying, “No” makes us appear selfish, but at times we must be self-concerned. Self-concerned and self-consumed are similar, but they are not exactly the same. If all you think about is yourself all the time, with no care of what’s going on with others or how what’s going on with you effects others, you might be self-consumed. If you’re on an airplane and the oxygen masks come down you’re supposed to give yourself oxygen first before you give it to others; being self-concerned is necessary and could save someone else’s life. Your growth as an individual is at times necessary and it causes one to be self-concerned. You want to help others but you can’t pour something from your cup into someone else’s cup if you have nothing in your cup to pour. So, you should take care of yourself if you plan to take care of others. You being concerned on building yourself can help someone else in the future. So focusing on self is not always selfish. I think its selfish of others to make another feel they’re wrong for wanting to and or actively building themselves up which most times requires focusing on their own self. Saying, “No” may seem selfish to some, and sometimes it is, but other times its absolutely necessary.


If  you are piqued by this short snippet, you are encouraged to purchase your copy of the book via your favourite book retailer or from Amazon

Sy Asad will visit the virtual cafe that is The Segilola Salami Show to talk about her book on the 8th of January 2019.

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