Saving Mother’s Day by Alma J. Wilson

Saving Mother’s Day by Alma J. Wilson

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Description of Saving Mother’s Day by Alma J. Wilson

Saving Mother’s Day: A Heartwarming Story for 8-10 year olds, And Their Parents, About Preserving Traditions for Those We Love

Kyle has always loved Mother’s Day weekend. It begins on Saturday when he and Dad go shopping for the perfect card, the most beautiful flowers, and yummy treats for a special breakfast in bed. They do this because they want to tell Mom how special she is.

But this year, everything is different. Dad forgets all about Mother’s Day, but at least Kyle is ready. He made the perfect card in school. He’s certain his mother will love it. But how will Dad react?

On the morning of Mother’s Day, Kyle is awakened by Dad’s yelling. He hears the door slam and he rushes into the kitchen. Mom is alone, packing dishes into boxes. “We’re going to Grandma’s house, and we have to stay a little longer than we usually do,” Mom tells him.

Why have Mom and Kyle packed up all their stuff? Why didn’t he and Dad go shopping for special gifts? What has Kyle done wrong? Mother’s Day has gone all wrong this year, and he just has to fix it. But how?

The next morning, he comes up with the perfect plan. But he’ll need Grandma and Grandpa’s help. Can Kyle save Mother’s Day?

Saving Mother’s Day is sure to become one of your family’s favorite books, filled with enough love to last a lifetime.

I can recommend this book to your followers because it can help children, and parents, address emotions common to domestic unrest. It also offers hope that, with the love of family, everything will be all right.

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Saving Mother's day by Alma J. Wilson

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