Character Interview: On the Eve by Gladys Jones

Today’s character interview is from the Literary Fiction book On the Eve by Gladys Jones. It was self-published by the author on 08.01.19 and is currently available as a Paperback, ISBN 9781078311311 and eBook. On the Eve by Gladys Jones is aimed at readers aged 18+ and does contain some swear words.


book cover from the Literary Fiction book On the Eve by Gladys Jones

Synopsis from On the Eve by Gladys Jones

High school junior, Emmett Mercado, tells the story of his high school experience with his old friend named Vivian Eve Copeland. After growing up together and sharing many fond memories, Vivian and Emmett have a bitter argument that leads up to Vivian dying in a tragic car accident one fatal day. As Emmett struggles to come to terms with his best friend’s demise, he discovers that there is more to her life than what he already knew. He takes it upon himself to tell her story – the true story of Vivan Eve.

Name of character to be interviewed: Emmett Mercado

Why was this character chosen for this interview?:

Emmett has been chosen to be interviewed because he is the leading protagonist of the story.

Question 1: Why do you take it upon yourself to tell Vivian’s story?

Answer: …I guess because no-one else would if I didn’t. She lived a pretty two-faced life, in a way, and nobody would’ve thought that there was something hiding underneath all her weird mannerisms and stuff. No-one else would’ve cared.

Question 2: What’s so special about Vivian that she gets a book written about her?

Answer: Well, it’s not so much that she is so special she gets her own book (more or less her own book), but that she had a story that needed to be told. All her life, people didn’t listen to her. Not her parents, not her sister, not her friends… not even me. I mean, I’ve lived a relatively normal life, and so did she, in a way… But that’s because we don’t accept the bad things as “bad.” We just call it “normal” because “everyone deals with it.” I want to change that.

Question 3: If you could turn back time, what would you change?

Answer: I would go all the way back to when we were children. I would try to be her friend. I would give her a shoulder to cry on, even if she beat me up for it. I would try every day to show her what it’s like to have people who genuinely care about who she was until she didn’t know anything else.

Question 4: How did you and Vivian become friends in the first place?

Answer: Funny enough, nobody really remembers that part. We actually were enemies for a while. But I guess it was just a good example of time breeding love and hatred; Vivian bullied me really bad when we were kids for some reason, but then she became my best friend. But she also held in a lot of, well, hatred towards me. But that didn’t change the fact that we were once friends. And we always will be, in the end.

Question 5: Any advice you have for people struggling with mental health issues?

Answer: Please, go find someone who cares. Find a therapist. Find a friend. Find somebody who is willing to listen to your worries and doubts and pains. It worked out for me, and it would’ve worked for Vivian, too.

This character interview was submitted by the author Gladys Jones

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