Love, God & Tattoos Bundle: Can God Love a Broken Misfit?

Love, God & Tattoos Bundle by A.R. Robinson

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Love, God & Tattoos Bundle Kindle Edition by A.R. Robinson

About Love, God & Tattoos

LOVE, GOD & TATTOOS is an edgy Religious Fiction series written by A.R. Robinson. The story chronicles the adventures of a young tattoo artist and her struggle to maintain a positive relationship with God and herself while living on the harsh streets of Los Angeles.​


Fifteen year old Alcatraz is being chased. Born and raised in a loving family, she suddenly finds herself fending for her life on the streets of Los Angeles. Consumed with anger, hurt and confusion, Alcatraz turns to the spiritual realm to find life’s answers. While experimenting with pagan spells, Buddhist chants, and yoga sutras, she continually encounters a spirit who claims He is God. The Truth she learns from this spiritual quest introduces her to the unexpected world of divine healing, acceptance and unconditional love.


After two years of spiritual searching, Alcatraz has finally decided who the One true God is for her life. But trouble soon follows. Being rejected by her new found religious organization because of her appearance and discharged from the tattoo shop for her beliefs, Alcatraz is forced to enter the Hollywood adult entertainment life with her best friend Kuriko. The nightmares she experiences living on the dubious streets of Los Angeles causes her to struggle to keep her faith.


Alcatraz has desperately wanted to learn more about the mysterious past of her street-smart Japanese best friend, Kuriko. Now her wish has come true, but not in the way she expected. Kuriko handed Alcatraz a black bamboo box before the tragic accident. Inside, Alcatraz finds the diary of a nineteen-year-old girl’s struggle with sex trafficking, powerful men, abuse, betrayal, and surprisingly, a burning desire to know God. After two years of living with the secretive, over-protective high-dollar prostitute, Alcatraz learns the dark truth of Kuriko’s inhumane journey. Now she wishes the past could have been buried with her best friend.

This book series is for anyone who desires for a deep, intimate relationship with God… no matter where you are or where you’ve been in life. The first three books are currently on sale for $2.99 on Amazon.

You can find the Love, God & Tattoos Bundle on Amazon

About A.R. Robinson

A spiritual seeker since her early teens, A.R. Robinson has always been interested in the unseen world. After studying several religions, she responded to one pastor’s challenge: “You’ve tried the rest, now come try the best!” Intrigued by his confidence in Christ, she accepted his invitation on August 17, 2007 and, however reluctant, gave her life to Jesus at age twenty-seven. Her life has not been the same since.

In May 2010, A.R. graduated from Charis Bible College, and now is the author of the uncensored Christian series, Love, God & Tattoos. She also hosts the Love, God & Tattoos podcast which aims to awaken souls to the true heart of God.

A.R. (Aleshia Raquel) Robinson enjoys day spas, world travel, yoga, empowering women, and writing in coffee shops.

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