Self-Worth – Why It’s Important And How To Increase It by Good Nelly

Today’s blog post is a guest post by a lady called Good Nelly. She has helped a number of people overcome their debt problems and has solved personal finance related queries. Good says that in today’s world, most people are trying hard to increase their net worth. There is no harm in doing that, but in doing so, you shouldn’t forget your self-worth.

In this guest post, before we discuss the importance of self-worth and how to achieve it, Good wants us to first understand what self-worth actually is. Happy reading!


What is self-worth?

As per Merriam-Webster, “self-worth is a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect.” If you have self-worth, you’ll value yourself and feel that you’re worthy. If you don’t value yourself, you won’t be valued by others. While you may feel worthy when someone gives you value, a friend of yours may feel worthy when he/she can mix with important people. However, in reality, you shouldn’t judge your self-worth on the basis of how others treat, appreciate or value you. You should realize your own worth.


Why do we give more importance to net worth than self-worth?

By net worth, we mean the assets we have minus the debts. When we work hard for increasing our net worth, we actually tie our self-worth with our net worth. So, we start making judgments about ourselves and our own lives, based on the assets or material possessions we have.


Why self-worth is important

You may wonder why knowing your self-worth is more important than money for true success! It is because your life is precious. You should value it.
Your life is much more important than your material possessions. Think once, money can help you acquire wealth, but can it help you buy happiness? No! But, if you can work on increasing your self-worth, you’ll be happy and content with your life.

Often people get confused between self-esteem and self-worth. There is a slight difference between self-worth and self-esteem. As already mentioned, self-worth is valuing yourself from the inside. It is the belief that you are valuable irrespective of how others value you. Self-esteem is how we evaluate ourselves. But, the comparison is not always on the basis of net worth.

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How to increase your self-worth

So, how will you increase your self-worth? Is it that tough? No, it’s not. Here are a few ways to increase your self-worth.

Stop comparing yourself with others
If you compare yourself with others, you’ll never be satisfied. There will always be a person better than you in whatever aspect you compare, be it his/her net worth, appearance, etc. Instead, find out the positive qualities which you can cherish.

Stop feeling old and achieve what you want to
Age is a number. It shouldn’t affect how you value yourself. You don’t have to be within your 30s or 40s to achieve what you want to. Always try to achieve new things in life.

Give your time to others who’ll appreciate it
Yes, the most valuable possession you have is time. Try to give your time to others who cherish it. Visit your family, spend your time with friends, or help underprivileged people. Doing so, you’ll find how much your self-worth has increased.

Give importance to quality rather than quantity
The quality of your friendship is much more important than the number of friends you have. You should feel happy even if you have one friend whom you can rely upon. Also, you should feel good that in need, your friend(s) will value your advice.

Accept new challenges
While accepting new challenges, never think about what will happen if you can’t meet your expectations. Have faith in yourself and give your best. You may not win every time but you’ll feel that your self-worth has increased a lot. You’ll value yourself more.

Find out what is important to you
Just think which activities give you pleasure. It might be helping others in need or organizing a summer camp for kids, and so on. Do such activities that make you feel better. It will automatically increase your self-worth.

Be confident but accept your weaknesses
If you become confident, you will follow yourself instead of following others. Everyone has some weaknesses. You should know about them so that you can ask for help in need.


What you shouldn’t consider to increase your net worth?

Here are a few things which you shouldn’t consider to increase your self-worth.

Your net worth – The value of your assets doesn’t increase your self-worth.
How you look – It is not the ultimate thing; however, you should try to make yourself presentable.
Your job – It is important to pursue a good career but you never know you might be laid off due to an economic downturn.
People you know – Even if you know influential people, that doesn’t increase your self-worth.
At last, I would like to mention that it is important to spend some time with yourself to increase your self-worth and know the person you are. So, spend some ‘me-time’ and enjoy life. Life is beautiful! Live every moment!


About Good Nelly

Good Nelly is a financial writer who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has started her financial journey long back. Good Nelly has been associated with for a long time. Through her writings, she has helped people overcome their debt problems and has solved personal finance related queries. She has also written for some other websites and blogs. You can find out more about her on her website by clicking here.


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