Health and Wellness Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2021

With the global pandemic, I think it is even more important now more than ever that we look after our health and wellbeing. So below is a list of Health and Wellness Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2021 that I think you would like either as a treat for yourself or as a gift to that special person in your life.

1. Sharkie & Bear Valentine’s themed earrings

Health and Wellness Gifts for Valentine's Day 2021Sharkie & Bear is a handmade earring business based around an affordable treat for women who put themselves last and have lots of women treating themselves to our valentines themed earrings, or sending the link to their other halves!

The earring hooks are lead and nickel free stainless steel. It is also recommended that you do not swim, shower or sleep whilst wearing the jewellery to avoid damaging them.

Now, you might wonder why earrings make the list in a post on health and wellbeing. But anything that makes you happy, deserves to go on the list. I love beautiful shiny things and getting one always brings a smile on my face.

When I was gift a pair of Sharkie & Bear earrings, I had this stupid smile on my face. Even my daughter thought they looked beautiful. Receiving the earrings gave me a boost of happy chemicals and I think that alone is reason for it to get on the list.

Click here to find out more about the creator and designer of the earrings.


2. For The Love Of The Land by Jenny Jefferies

book cover for the love of the land by jenny jefferies Health and Wellness Gifts for Valentine's Day 2021For The Love Of The Land: A Cook Book To Celebrate British Farmers And Their Food was written by Jenny Jefferies and was published by Meze Publishing.

Forty fantastic farmers from all over the British Isles share their recipes and stories about what British farming means to them. Minette Batters, the President of the NFU, has written the Foreword.

I believe it would make a lovely valentines gift for the special man in your life ; as the way to a mans heart is through his stomach!” Jenny Jefferies

However, as my partner is vegetarian, the copy of the book he was gifted would go a long way in helping him make a special meaty dinner for me this Valentine’s day.

The dishes in this book make the most of local and seasonal ingredients, creating delicious meals, puddings and bakes that anyone can cook up at home. Alongside that, members of these farming families have told the stories of their livelihoods: from losing sheep in snowstorms to stoking enthusiasm in the next generation, their honesty and passion is an inspiration and an education.

Recipes include Blackbrook Beef Bolognese from a traditional lowland farm in Leicestershire, Reestit Mutton Soup by two sisters who run their family farm on Shetland and pheasant and asparagus bake from a family run game shoot in Cambridgeshire, as well as Kentish Lavender Shortbread from Castle Farm and a cocktail featuring fresh edible flowers from Greens of Devon.

As the landscape of British farming changes, we need to support high-quality food production and understand how farmers can work in harmony with nature to make our eating habits more sustainable. Whether you’re country born and bred or have never donned a pair of wellies, discover the food and stories in this book to help to put British farming back on the map and at the centre of your table.

Click here to order your own copy.


3. Gibson’s Goodology Premium Wellness Drinks

Gibson's Goodology Health and Wellness Gifts for Valentine's Day 2021Gibson’s is a flavour-led brand, with triple lab-tested CBD to ensure authenticity. Three truly delicious flavours from Michelin-starred mixologist Oskar Kinberg (each winning a medal at the Spirits Business Inaugural No/Low Awards January 2021), with the highest CBD content on the premium market at 25mg per sparkling tea. Each box even comes with dried flower petals, to make it that much more romantic.

First things first, what is CBD?

A Cannabis plant contains more than a hundred components in a primary mixture of CBD and THC. We know these as phytocannabinoids.

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol (thank god abbreviations exist!) are the psychoactive components responsible for making people high.

CBD, despite being born out of the same plant, functions oppositely to THC. It doesn’t provide intoxication and is, in fact, now recommended for medicinal purposes.

You’d be amazed to know that CBD and THC share the same chemical formula. They react differently only because the arrangement of the atoms is different. weird, right?

Health benefits of CBD

While most people use it to curb anxiety and stress, it has also proven itself effective in providing people with sound and enhanced sleep. WHO itself has shown the green flag to use it as an alternative medication to treat epilepsy.

What do your drinks taste like?

Green Tea and Passion Fruit

Earthy green tea with tropical passion fruit and notes of pineapple, strawberry and rose.

Shiso Tea and Blueberry

Grassy, nutty and zesty shiso with a clear blueberry finish.

Jasmine Tea and Rhubarb

Floral and fragrant jasmine with a gentle rhubarb finish.

All our drinks are made with just 5 natural ingredients: tea, fruit, agave, lemon juice and 25mg water soluble CBD. This is the highest serve dosage we know of in the UK.

They are a delightful balance of high quality tea flavours and natural fruit juices, with no CBD aftertaste.

All our products are triple-lab tested for the highest CBD quality, are Food Standards Agency regulations compliant, and contain only CBD.

Our drinks are the ideal alternative to sugary sodas, high caffeine energy drinks, or even alcoholic cocktails – a huge versatility of use.

Click here to order yours now.


4. Steeps One Shot

Health and Wellness Gifts for Valentine's Day 2021 steeps one shot picture blog imageThis is a one-of-a kind wellness shot and the perfect way to help you optimise your health this winter. It’s everything you need in one shot! Thus, I had to include it in my Health and Wellness Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2021.

Made with REAL stuff (that’s right actual real food), it’s wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, keto & paleo friendly and chemical free with no preservatives – oh yes indeedie!!

Steeps One Shot (@steepsoneshot) is a one-of-a-kind wellness shot. There is no other product like this, or similar to this, in the UK market. It’s packed to the brim, full of all natural ingredients.

Your daily dose of Steeps One Shot is stuffed to the rafters with anti-inflammatory and gut-friendly natural ingredients, making it the ideal way to get your body winter-ready. It is a blend of 7 simple organic ingredients (nothing else): turmeric, ginger, chilli, onion, garlic and horseradish, all infused (steeped) for 12 weeks in apple cider vinegar. It’s brilliant for anyone wanting to stay in tip-top condition. It is especially beneficial with the current COVID-19 pandemic right on our doorstep. It works a little bit like “anti-virus” software for your computer. You take your daily shot and the powerful concoction does its great work in the background while you live, eat, sleep and repeat.


To get the most benefit out of Steeps One Shot it does need to be taken on a daily basis over a prolonged period
of time. The bottle enclosed has 25 shots so will last just under a month, when you have a week’s supply left in

your current bottle, just place your next order!

********* MAKE SURE YOU SHAKE THE BOTTLE FIRST!!! **********


Take it neat, pour 10ml of Steeps One Shot (@steepsoneshot) into the measuring shot cup.
Brace yourself, knock it back, hold it in your mouth for about 5-10 seconds to savour the

flavours & then swallow, wowzers!! Ideally taken before food.

The Shot Glass – “On It” – approx 10ml / “Supercharged” – approx 20ml / “Unstoppable” – approx 30ml

– MIX IT –

Pour out a serving of Organic Tomato Juice into a glass.

Then pour your 10-15ml of Steeps One Shot into the measuring shot glass & then add
it to the tomato juice. Give it a stir & voila your own Virgin Mary!!

– ADD IT –

Think salad dressings or marinades, the options are pretty limitless


5. Miniature Oils & Vinegar Gift Set

ll gusto oils and vinegars gift set Health and Wellness Gifts for Valentine's Day 2021Il Gusto have a range of alcohol and foodie gift ideas. All products can be personalised so you really can send a special personalised gift. As a food and a professional mummy chef, this is the perfect gift for me. The gift set I was given had:

Eight bottles of 40ml, containing one each of the following extra virgin oils and vinegar.

Garlic Oil
Hazelnut Oil
Chilli Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil “LASITHI” – Organic
Raspberry Balsam Vinegar
Mango Balsam Vinegar
Tomato & Basil Balsam Vinegar
Caramelised onion
The oils came in a lovely beige wooden box that look really pretty and sit well in any kitchen. Even after the oils  have all been used up, I imagine that I can reuse the bottles and store them in the box. I really am looking forward to cooking with these healthy oils and vinegars.


6. The Bee Revival Keyring – GOLD EDITION

The Bee Revival Keyring - GOLD EDITIONAs an amateur gardener and someone who loves spending time in my garden, I just had to include this Bee Revival Keyring. I find spending time in the garden to be very relaxing and I think that alone qualifies this keyring to feature in my Health and Wellness Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2021.

My partner was gifted one keyring as he would be redoing our garden this summer.

The Original Bee Revival Keyring – Inspired by a spontaneous encounter with a tired bee. This bee saving kit can be attached your keychain or backpack, for when you are out on the go and come across an exhausted bee in need of your help! The bee revival keyring provides an emergency solution to REVIVE an exhausted bee so it can continue its mission pollinating planet Earth.

Key features:

  • Strong aluminium shell
  • Contains an ambrosia® bee food syrup to feed a bee in an emergency.
  • Refillable glass bottle with natural custom cork top
  • Protective inner sleeve and cork shock absorber
  • Custom stamped key ring
  • Ideal nature/animal lover gift

Click here now to order yours!


7. Lane 44 – The Essentials Shave Kit with Razor Stand

lane 44 reusable shaving stickWhen I first saw this reusable shaving kit that my partner had been gifted. I just had to feature it in this Health and Wellness Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2021. It immediately reminded me of the shaving stick my dad used to use and made me wonder why it isn’t so popular any more. My partner always went to a barbing salon to get a shape up. With the lockdown and this shaving kit, I am hoping that he can do his shape up himself at home.

With the cost of blades going through the roof, our plastic free razor delivers a low-cost, smooth-shaving solution for like-minded guys and girls.


Plastic Free Razor
Razor Stand
Blade Disposal Bank

Click here now to buy yours!


8. R10 Labs – Valentines Advanced Face Care Gift Set

Valentines Advanced Face Care Gift Set r10 labsA perfect accompaniment to the shaving stick by Lane 44 is the Valentines Advanced Face Care Gift Set by R10 Labs.

A true British success story (Health & Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards), R10 Labs is the only 100% natural, truly sustainable, multi-award winning skincare brand for men, based on their proprietary Liquicrystal Technology which is proven by numerous independent scientific studies to improve skin on the molecular level.

February is the month of love and R10 Labs have a fantastic gift set available for Valentines day to gift for him! They are 100% natural, vegan, truly sustainable and were recently featured in The Independent for top 10 Face Moisturisers!


9. Mooze 12%

MOOZE 12% booze health and wellness vals day gift guide 2021MOOZE 12% is a crisp, lower alcohol botanical spirit, distilled by international award winners in Essex, filling the gap for when you want to drink, but with less units and calories.

Mooze contains 6 delicious Botanicals: Juniper, Cucumber, Orange, Clementine Zest, Coriander and Macadamia Nut.

Mooze has a fresh, fragrant Cucumber aroma on the nose and glorious, crisp taste on the palate. It tastes surprisingly strong for 12% and has real depth and layering.

It’s made in the same way as making a Gin and contains Juniper, but because it is not 37.5% the distillers respect that they cannot call it a Gin; so they just call it Mooze 12%.

MOOZE is just 0.3 units per glass (25ml measure) and at a skinny 18 calories with a slimline tonic it is guilt free. You will love it and your body will thank you too!

This is sold in a a 70cl. glass bottle with cork.


Click here to order yours now!

10. Coffee Lovers Club

Dog and Hat CoffeeDog and Hat Coffee is home of the UK’s best whole-bean coffee subscriptions and the place to find those unique coffee gifts. They are focused on sustainability, and only ship in recyclable packaging with everything printed on recycled paper. Dog and Hat are SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) certified.

Their subscriptions include options for Filter brewers, Espresso makers, Decaffeinated drinkers or a mix of any of these. They also have a Traditional and Blends subscription for those who prefer their espresso milky drinks. All subscriptions ship with their ‘Dialled In’ magazine, featuring roaster interviews and coffee recipes.

Dog and Hat also permit all customers to send their coffee bags back to them for recycling. They use a company called Terracycle that enables them to recycle any coffee bag, which is pretty cool.

I was gifted a bag of their coffee and to be honest, the smell was HEAVENLY. Give them a try! Their website is

Insta @dogandhatlove

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