How You Can Heal Yourself through Writing

How You Can Heal Yourself through Writing

Every day, people all over the world, living in completely different and varying circumstances, always face the same day to day issues. Stress, anxiety, depression, unshakeable sadness and other negative orientated feelings that can seem like they last forever and affect us every single day.


If these first sentences describe familiar feelings, you’re not the only one. Levels of stress, anxiety and depression are at an all-time high, especially in first world developed countries and affect millions of people.


However, unbeknown to most, there are many ways in which you can combat these feelings that allow you to feel empowered and satisfied with your life. One way to achieve this is through writing.


Expressing Yourself

Writing is one of the most amazing ways to get your thoughts down on paper. Not only does this stop the thoughts and feelings bouncing around your head to become misunderstood but by getting them down on paper, you’re able to visually see your thoughts, enabling you to make sense of them and lift a weight off your mind.


Change Your Perspective


Anybody who has ever read a good book, unable to put it down until they get to the end, will know that written words have the ability to take us to different realities and create new thoughts, feelings and concepts.


The same can be said about writing down what’s on your mind. Whether you’re writing yourself a letter or just jotting down your thoughts as they come to mind, re-reading your doodles will grant you the ability to change how you feel about certain things and could even change your world.


Amy Cook, a leading member from the online writing platform Paper Fellows, exclaimed, “Writing can be an extremely isolated or lonely experience, a good suggestion as to why many people don’t partake but this doesn’t have to be the case. By using an online platform and communities people can upload their work for other writers and individuals to read and give feedback on. This doesn’t have to be in a quality sense but can help spark conversations between people, giving everybody the opportunity to explore new ideas and concepts.”


Scientifically Proven To Help

Don’t just take my word for it, years of dedicated research has proven that writing down your thoughts, feelings and concerns actually boosts and dramatically improves your wellbeing and emotional health. These improvements can drastically, but positively, change our lives, allowing us to set some time aside for ourselves to really clear our minds of our daily worries.


A Better Sense of Understanding

You may not be the best writer in the world, or even enjoy writing at all, but if you’re going through a difficult time, whether it’s a recent event or a long-lasting situation that continuously plays on your mind, try writing down your thoughts and feelings on that situation.


Ella Baker, a writer and researcher from states, “Writing has an amazing effect on the brain that the majority of people don’t know about. Not only is writing a creative art or a tool for business or story-telling, it’s a fantastic self-help activity that boosts both your mood and your mental activity. This increase in brain activity helps to boost your immune system and increases the individual’s emotional wellbeing tenfold.”


You may like to write a paragraph, a couple of sentences or even a couple of pages, it doesn’t matter. The key here is to write down everything you feel comfortable writing down, most importantly, as long as it means something to you. From here, even as you begin writing, you’ll soon discover that previous thoughts of confusion or worry will begin to disappear.

By re-reading these notes, you’ll soon discover that your previous understanding on a subject or topic will have changed. You’ll gain new insights into what was said or how you felt about someone or something which can infinitely improve your perspective and attitude.




How You Can Heal Yourself through Writing, guest post by brenda berg This article is a guest post by Brenda Berg. Brenda is a professional with over 15 years experience in business management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs. An ambitious writer, who is a real pride of Assignment writing service team, who is encouraged to travel around the world and share gained experience.


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