Check out this book about a female Black British Superhero in her eighties

I recently connected with an author called C. Lewis where he told me about his latest book, that got me really excited. I was excited about the book because it’s very different. It’s the first superhero book that I had heard of from the UK featuring a lady in her 80s. How kool is that? I’m so excited to have our very own female Black British superhero. Maybe the author would let me interview her in another post. Anyhoos, this book that has me excited is call Madam Rhino.

What is Madam Rhino about?

female black british superhero fantasy bookThe full name of the book is Madam Rhino, The Adventures of Agent Grey by C.Lewis. It is a 78-page fantasy book, currently only available as an ebook. It was published September 15, 2018, by Alderbank House publishers.


The elderly female Secret Agent is finally here. This book boasts a female lead that is in her eighties. You heard that right, eighties. Author C Lewis has developed the world’s oldest senior citizen crime fighter. Some say she is the toughest of all secret agents. Find out why The Bridge Club (an ultra-secret agency tasked with maintaining World Peace) is potentially interested.

First and foremost, Madam Rhino (The Adventures of Agent Grey) is a great read for any avid reader of action fantasy books with a twist. This is the origin story of the formidable senior powerhouse Madam Rhino. She takes no nonsense, hates bad language and has mad skills. Follow her journey of self-discovery with juggling her duties as a grandmother and avoiding her fussy daughter Claudia treating her like a delicate flower. She was a high achiever and successful businesswoman when she was working and feels it shouldn’t change just because she is retired.

Find out what first brought Angela to the attention of the Bridge Club and how she fought to be considered as an agent in the field and not just be in the backroom. Find out how she grows and fights to show she is just as good as her younger colleagues. She may be fifty years older than other candidates but she will fight to earn her place in the Bridge Club.

Madam Rhino is leading a spate of gender-reversed roles that have women feeling like they are finally getting the fantastical novel role models they deserve. A kind of believable super-charged senior woman, at least in terms of character and emotion, who will inspire and raise a smile.

“She thrust her walking stick into the rusty spokes of the bike’s wheel, the mugger flew off and landed with a thud on to the wet grass. She immediately leapt on top, and they started to wrestle.”

Typically, there is little excitement in Angela’s life, the straight-talking pensioner who lived in the English countryside. Retired more than twenty years ago, she still missed the time when her work made a difference. She is feisty, independent and does not like being told what to do just because she is in her eighties.

But then the ultra-secret agency The Bridge Club, whose mission is to maintain world peace, is recruiting. Does Angela want to seize the opportunity to upgrade her safe quiet life to one of high octane adventure? Can she show she’s a worthy candidate?  After all, age is just a number.


I thought that was quite interesting. If you like what you’ve read so far, you can pick up a copy of the Madam Rhino eBook to see what all the talk about a female Black British superhero is about, as it is currently discounted until October 7th at 99 cents or 99pence on Amazon. The author would truly love your support!

3 thoughts on “Check out this book about a female Black British Superhero in her eighties

  • I often watch superhero movies but don’t usually read superhero books. Probably because most are more graphic novel than actual novel. This one however sounds really interesting and I hope they do a non-ebook version soon so I can check it out fully. Great review, it really makes me want to read more than the excerpt at the bottom of the post. Sounds like despite her age, Madam Rhino is going to kick some ass for a long time to come.

  • Thank you for the feedback, much appreciate.
    This story is designed to be an easy read where you can let your own imagination run riot (hence no pictures). This book also focuses on how Angela deals with being an often side lined member of society because of her age. Her involvement into a James Bond – ish role is one for those who like a bit of mystery and intrigue. This will be developed further in future books.

    However, a graphic novel is definitely a potential option in the future depending on feedback.

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