Check out this AMAZING book for preschoolers by Jane Blythe

Victoria Ivory Pearl vs Selfishness by Jane Blythe is an amazing book for preschoolers written in collaboration with kids  . . . hmmm

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Book Description

Victoria Ivory Pearl won’t share the blocks with her friends at kindergarten so no one wants to play with her! What can she do to fix things with her friends so that they want to play with her again?

The Victoria Ivory Pearl books are a series of educational picture books for preschoolers, teaching skills such as sharing, turn taking, respecting others, listening, caring, manners, saying sorry etc. Each aspect of the books, from the text to the illustrations, has been specifically and carefully chosen, based on the author’s experience as a preschool teacher. What is unique about this particular series of books is that they are written with older children.

The aim of these books is not only to help preschoolers learn valuable social and emotional life skills, but also to inspire older kids to show that they care by sharing their knowledge and understanding with those younger than themselves. Hopefully instilling in both groups a life long love of helping others.

A great picture book to help little ones learn social skills, with the added bonus of the story being based on stories written by kids.

You can get a copy of this book on Amazon US or Amazon UK.

Amazing book for preschoolers by Jane Blythe

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