The Wickedest Witch in All the World

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Today I’ll recommend another book, but this time for younger children. Written by Kaye Umanksy, a well known children’s author, this story explores the motives of the witch in Hansel and Gretel.

The witch has always been teased because she just isn’t good enough to enter the “Wickedest Witch” Competition and she’s tired of it. Therefore, she decides to capture some children by building her house out of sweets. Meanwhile, Hansel and Gretel are very rude, naughty and disobedient children who decide to run away from home. The witch decides to teach them a lesson and ultimately make them much nicer siblings.

I thought this book was very creatively written from the baddie’s point of view. In fact, it quite reminded me of Disney’s Maleficent. It gave a very creatively written story from an alternative point of view. It was very unpredictable for a child’s book and is perfect as a bedtime story, to either share or read alone.

The story incorporates the traditional fairytale into a more modern story. For example, Hansel was locked into the cage for being rude and unkind to his sister and they did chores to get a sticker on a reward chart. Elements like this made the tale amusing and I thought interesting for younger children. This could give a great family opportunity to compare the original story with this one.

The book is also certified “dyslexia friendly” which makes it accessible for even children who have a tough time reading. The words and sentences are short and sweet but the story flows effectively to keep any child engaged with it.

I think this book would make a great addition to any young family’s bookshelf, to read again and again!

Have you read this story? Have you got any books that you would like to share? Leave a comment below!

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  • Hello,

    I would love to recommend a book titled, Bella, an African Cinderella Story by Fatima Koise, a self-publishe author for children’s books. The story incorporates a re-telling of the classic fairtyles, The Cinderalla written rom an African Writer’s Perspective. The authors uses, cowries, horses, silver ring and other african antiques instead of the golden shoes, or the caravan.
    The book has an appeal for children, parents to tell night times stories and other and will be a great addition to any family’s bookshelves

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