Update about the BookAngel website

Update about the BookAngel website

Here’s an update about the BookAngel website following my post in May 2016. A few weeks after I wrote about my experience whilst visiting the bookangel website, I decided to visit their website from my local library. I guess I was just curious to see if the redirect was still occurring. To my surprise, the redirect didn’t happen again. When I got home, I tried it out on my laptop and the redirect didn’t happen. I sent them an email informing them of what had happened. Here’s the reply I got back from them.


update about the bookangel website


Whilst they thought the problem was had from android devices, it also affected laptops too. Be that as it may, as per their email, they have now moved servers.

Seeing as they looked a bit more legitimate to me, I decided I would like to try out their services. What I did find out though was that they are EXTREMELY bad in replying emails. By extremely bad, I mean you may not get a reply.


Update about the BookAngel website

I feel like I am a sucker for punishment. Even when I knew better, I contacted them about their expanded distribution service. Their policy is to review a book first to see if it meets their policy (whatever that is). Even after several emails to them asking for feedback on how to proceed, I didn’t get a reply. This started August 2016 and the last email I got from them was on the 14th of September 2016 saying that they were reading my book.

As a ‘business’ that provide an expanded distribution service that is paid for and not done free of charge, I would have expected a simple email reply to say, at the very least, “sorry your book is not suitable”. Instead of that, I get an email a few days ago asking me to update my earlier post.


Update about the BookAngel website


For the record, I made no false allegations against BookAngel, I simply wrote about my experience. I felt it was important to warn my fellow authors from falling prey to something that looked harmful to me.

Thinking about it further, from June 2016, less than a month after my experience on the BookAngel website, my website was hacked and I was locked out. Was there a correlation between the redirects and the warning message I got and my website getting hacked? Who knows?

So this is my update about the BookAngel website. I haven’t accessed their website since August 2016 but as at that time, I did not get any further redirects. I was unable to utilise their expanded distribution service because they are not great at replying to emails.

Have you worked with BookAngel before? What was your experience like? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts to my Update about the BookAngel website. There’s love in sharing, so please click on one of the social icons to share this post with your network.


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