This post was submitted by Barbara Roman

Hubert in Heaven – a hi-tech angel gets his wings
This post was submitted by Barbara Roman
Is there a place in Heaven for an accidental angel?
A hologram in a video game, Hubert is accidentally transported to Heaven, where he must stay until he finds his purpose. As an aspiring angel, he must perform many Heavenly tasks which he attempts to automate with his personal computer – to disastrously delightful results. Only when he learns to “be still – and let God do His work” does Hubert restore Heaven to perfect order, and this hi-tech angel finally gets his wings.
The story is magical and has a lot of good messages for children, that life can be lived without always punching the keys of a computer, accepting that everyone is different, and that we need to value the abilities we have. It is also a humorous story that appeals to adults who are too addicted to their hi-tech “toys” and are seeking a “cure.” The spiritual message also makes it a wonderful story for Christmas.

Barbara Roman is the author of Alicia and the Light Bulb People in Star Factory 13 as well as Hubert in Heaven – a hi-tech angel gets his wings. As B. Roman, she has penned the YA fantasy series The Moon Singer (The Crystal Clipper/The War Chamber/The Wind Rose) and its prequel “Before the Boy.”

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