Spooky Word Games For Fearless Children

Spooky Word Games For Fearless Children


Welcome to the new sequel of illustrated games for children. Again, there are new word games emerging vocabulary, although this week themes are kind of scary. Please bear it in mind, while deciding if they suitable for your small treasures. Otherwise, all word games are suitable for four and five graders, depending on their language skills.

Anagrams – Anagram stands for  a word or phrase made by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. In this case, children should rearrange the letters of every word. This week’s illustrations are related to illustrations under every one of each anagram.

Crosswords – In crosswords, children need to search for alternative words for given clues. It can be a synonym or simply logical answer to the clue. Words should be filled in both vertical and horizontal directions, and every clue indicates in which direction should be the answer written in.

To view a larger image of each illustration, simply click on the illustration.

To download and print an illustration, right click on the illustration, choose save image as. A new window opens with the locations of where you want to save illustration to. Choose your desired located and click save. Once it is saved, open the illustration from the location you saved it to and you can print it from there.


Ghost anagram final



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