Interview with a character from the YA fiction TRUCE: Novis Initiis by Risha Chaurasia

Do you like teen and young adult fiction? In this blog post, the character Udit Agnihotri, from TRUCE: Novis Initiis by Risha Chaurasia is interviewed. Read on to find out more about his fight against disease and his fight for love.

Get to know Udit better!

TRUCE: Novis Initiis by Risha Chaurasia is published by Book Media and is aimed at readers 13+. It is currently available as a Paperback (ISBN 978-8194913748), Hardcover, 978-8194913740 and Ebook (Amazon ASIN B08TLZBTYC). All three versions of the book were published on 20th January 2021.

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Synopsis of TRUCE: Novis Initiis by Risha Chaurasia

Truce explores the themes of friendship, love and self-discovery in a fun way. The story revolves around 5 protagonists-Tiya, Ron, Udit, Cayra and Edi, with each one of them facing their own challenges.

The story takes you through their journey of tackling their problems and blooming into confident young adults. But, they don’t do this alone. They do this through the power of friendship and relationships.

The story beautifully portrays the reality of today’s youth and provides a fresh perspective to the reader.

It’s all about finding the right people at the right time!

Name of character to be interviewed:

Udit Agnihotri

Why was this character chosen for this interview?:

This character has been the most loved and popular. His story too is the most dramatic and touching of them all. He is the only character to have a romance in the novel and the readers loved his and Valerie’s story!

He is the sweetest and most down to earth character as well.

Question 1: Please introduce yourself.

Answer: Hey everyone! I’m Udit, and I’m an ex footballer, and currently a football coach. I am half Indian and was brought up in a South Indian household.

I had contracted a life threatening disease, came out victorious against it.

Question 2: Who are the most important people in your life?

Answer: My friends, Tiya Reynolds, Ron Watish, Cayra Mathews Hannigan, and Edi Boatman. My parents Anay and Angela Agnihotri and my love, Valerie Jenkins Agnihotri.

These people are my support system and the sole reason I’m alive.

Question 3: Let’s about your fight against your disease. Despite losing both your friends and Valerie, what kept you going?

Answer: Well, their love for me. I was out of their sight, never out of their hearts. I had to live for a brighter future. The will to live and to get back to normalcy motivated me.

Question 4: If you could say anything to Valerie at this moment, what would it be?

Answer: I’d say, Thank you. Thank you for always loving me. Thank you for always standing beside me. Thank you for weathering the storms with me. All I’d say is thank you!

Question 5: What message would you like to give to the world?

Answer: The message that true love never fades! And love does conquer all. And some infinities are in fact, bigger than other infinities. Trust me, if you have hope and love, you have everything.

I’d also say, that this too shall pass. Keep faith and fight until the very end.


Today’s blog post was provided by and published with permission of the author.

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