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Hyperearth by Marco Marek is a YA fantasy.

Here is a brief synopsis….


A castle within the city of Lubena holds a secret: a portal to the alternate world of Hyperearth. Mary and Martina encounter beings that range from the curious to the dangerous. They must save their newfound friends and defeat the evil Sathon. Will they solve the quest and make it out in time? Or will they remain in Hyperearth forever?

And here is an excerpt…..

Time passed, and the group continued exploring the room, but nothing seemed of interest. Finally, crouching down lower to get a new view of the room, Mary noticed a symbol of a rampant dragon at the bottom of the wall, next to an old pendulum.

“We should also look for the symbol of the cornucopia,” Martina urged. The group moved aside a table.

“Here it is!” Mary exclaimed. She tried to press the symbols, but this time they couldn’t be moved.

“We must try everything. I’m sure the dragon and cornucopia must mean something,” Martina insisted.

The symbols were carved out of precious wood and seemed to be fastened to the wall in the middle. Martina then thought to try to turn the symbols like dials. She first tried turning the dragon counter-clockwise, but to no avail, and then clockwise, and it seemed to move but with much difficulty.

“Come here, Kestrel; can you try?” Martina asked.

Kestrel attempted and managed to turn it a full 360 degrees, bringing it back to its original position.

“Now try the cornucopia,” Mary ordered Kestrel. He again managed to turn it a full circle clockwise.

They heard a noise, like a safe being unlocked, and, all of the sudden, the entire wall began to open! It appeared to be a secret passageway. Once again, the group—especially Mary and Martina—were awe-struck. Behind the opened wall, there was a wrought iron gate, and behind it, at eye level, a small trunk.

Hyperearth by Marco Marek

“Give me the key,” Martina ordered frantically. “We don’t have time to spare.”

“We have to be careful,” Kestrel replied. “So we don’t run into any more traps.”

The trunk was illuminated by a beam of light from the ceiling. Martina opened the gate cautiously with the key, and Kestrel stepped forward to enter first, but hesitated to touch the trunk.

“Give me that stick with the hook at the end, please,” Kestrel requested.

“What do you want to do with it?” Mary asked dubiously.

“You’ll see,” he replied. He took the stick and held it out towards the trunk, hooking it from behind so it fell down in front of him. Just then, two deadly spikes emerged from the walls that were surrounding the trunk, clearly ready to kill the thief by impaling. The girls were taken aback by shock.

“This time you knew what you were doing,” Martina said with a sigh of relief. “How did you know about the spikes?”

“Just this time?” Kestrel retorted sarcastically. “Well, I didn’t know it, but I had the feeling it was a trap. So it’s better to use a stick instead of one of us getting carried away by greed, and losing their life for it.”

Mary looked at him with satisfaction, and then bent down to retrieve the trunk. She then asked Kestrel to close the door, leaving no evidence of their entrance into the secret passage. He agreed, and turned the symbols counter-clockwise, and the wall closed once again.

“We should destroy the Atlas before we leave,” Kestrel suggested, but just then, a sound interrupted their conversation.

The group hid behind the big wardrobe in the room, and noticed that the noise seemed to come from a window in the living room. Martina and Mary peaked out from behind the wardrobe, and noticed that the silver designs painted on the glass window were moving! The lion and dragon paced back and forth before their eyes.

“I can’t believe it,” Mar

y gasped, as Kestrel approached the girls. Then the lion and the dragon sat with their backs facing the three, and wagged their tails, as if expecting someone. It gave Mary an inexplicably bad feeling, and she took the other two by the arms, pulling them aside. “Hurry, let’s hide!”

“What’s your problem?” Kestrel accused. “Are you crazy?”

Mary brought them behind a bookcase, and the group again beheld the lion and dragon still moving and jumping around like playful pets. Just then, the handle of the door turned and someone entered! The three froze in fear, worried that Sathon would appear at the doorstep. However, it wasn’t him, but rather Malus. He entered and went directly towards the Atlas, dropping to his knees with his back to the group. Kestrel signaled to the girls that they should leave, pushing forward a rug so they could reach the corridor without the floor making noise.

Luckily Kestrel had left the door open, so he estimated they had a good chance of exiting quietly. Martina was the first to tiptoe towards the doorway, while Malus remained on his knees facing the Atlas. Mary followed shortly after and also managed to exit without Malus noticing. Last was Kestrel, but suddenly Malus stood up. Waiting in the hallway, the girls motioned for Kestrel to move quickly, but, instead, he signaled to wait a moment. Malus bowed down, leaning on the pedestal, and Kestrel took the opportunity to get out undetected. Kestrel then motioned for the girls to follow him through the hallway, pointing to a door with a sign of the letter “K.” They quickly slipped into the room as quietly as they could.

“Thank goodness we escaped,” Kestrel said to them in a whisper, relieved that he could finally speak. “If Malus had found us, we wouldn’t have stood a chance.”

“Thanks to Mary, who was the one who suggested hiding,” Martina pointed out with a smile.

“I thought it looked as if the lion and dragon were waiting for someone when they turned around and gave us their backs,” Mary explained. “And in fact, Malus came just then.” Mary looked at the Khenon, and then asked, “So it only can transport a person from Hyperearth to Earth, and vice versa?”

“Yes, but in cases of emergencies, it can also transport a person within Hyperearth. It has to have the right amount of energy for that, though. Otherwise it won’t work,” Kestrel replied.

“I remember when we’d just arrived, Bear told us we couldn’t go back yet. That we should wait for the recharge of the Khenon,” Martina recalled.

YA fantasy- Hyperearth

Author Bio

Marco Marek was born in north Italy. He always had a fervid imagination and a passion for fantasy stories, medieval magicians, ancient history, and unexplained mysteries. While he was visiting a castle in Eastern Europe, he had the idea of writing Hyperearth. Apart from writing, Marco is also a painter and photographer, he likes digital artwork on Photoshop. The cover of Hyperearth is his creation. He loves traveling when he has some free time.


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