Check out this FUN children’s book about a cute royal tortoise – Alfonso the Tortoise by Susan Moffat

Alfonso the Tortoise by Susan Moffat

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About this book:
Alfonso the Tortoise: A Royal Tortoise Tale – is a beautiful fully illustrated children’s book by Susan Moffat.

This is a story of a very special tortoise Prince who lives in the Land of Garden, far away from his royal home. A Prince who left home to make new friends. Alfonso the Tortoise teaches children about solving problems. Used to the easy life, discover how Alfonso tries to solve the problem of his very rumbly tummy.

Alfonso the Tortoise also teaches children about the importance of family and friendship. The Royal family is now very cross with Alfonso. Find out how he can start to make things right with his Mummy and Daddy… the King and Queen of the animal kingdom.

Join Willie the worm, Jeremy the bird and the rest of the gang in the first book in the Royal Tortoise Tale series. A series of books that will reveal the secret world of the animal kingdom. Ideal for children aged 5- 11

Why do I recommend this book:
I am the author of this book and recommend this book for children aged between 5 and 11. I enjoyed writing and illustrating Alfonso the Tortoise, and have enjoyed developing my royal tortoise. Alfonso is a fun character, who enjoys helping others and although he has made his parents cross, knows that it is up to him to make everything right again with his parents. The books are a fun way to introduce children to family, friendship, helping others and royalty.

Alfonso the Tortoise is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback:

About Susan Moffat:
Susan Moffat, author of the Royal Tortoise Tale series, lives in England with her husband and son, and lots of fish (all with very different personalities). Susan illustrates all her own books, and has always had a passion for literature and art. Susan also enjoys scrapbooking and reading. Susan is particularly fond of tortoises ever since reading Small Gods by Terry Pratchett.

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