Preview of Alfonso the Tortoise by Susan Moffat

Today’s Sunday Snippet is a preview from the children’s book Alfonso the Tortoise by Susan Moffat

About Alfonso the Tortoise

Alfonso the Tortoise by Susan MoffatGREAT FOR KIDS WHO LIKE FUN ANIMAL BOOKS!

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Alfonso the Tortoise: A Royal Tortoise Tale – is a beautiful fully illustrated children’s book by Susan Moffat.

This is a story of a very special tortoise Prince who lives in the Land of Garden, far away from his royal home. A Prince who left home to make new friends.

Learn to solve problems
Alfonso the Tortoise teaches children about solving problems. Used to the easy life, discover how Alfonso tries to solve the problem of his very rumbly tummy.

Learn about the importance of family and friends
Alfonso the Tortoise also teaches children about the importance of family and friendship. The Royal family is now very cross with Alfonso. Find out how he can start to make things right with his Mummy and Daddy… the King and Queen of the animal kingdom.

Perfect for bedtime or for older children to read to themselves.
Join Willie the worm, Jeremy the bird and the rest of the gang in the first book in the Royal Tortoise Tale series. A series of books that will reveal the secret world of the animal kingdom.

Fully illustrated by author Susan Moffat.


Snippet from Alfonso the Tortoise

‘Try some nuts,’ suggested Jeremy, ‘we always find them to be very good.’ He flew back up to one of the birdfeeders and came back with a large nut.

‘Okay I will, thanks,’ said Alfonso. He took a bite out of the nut and then spat it out. ‘Yuck! That’s not tasty either!’ he cried out, clearly not happy. ‘I’m not doing very well finding my breakfast.’

Jeremy nodded, ‘I guess being a Prince you’re used to the best all the time.’

Alfonso the Tortoise by Susan Moffat


‘Yes. What Thomas gives me is almost as good though. Speaking of being a Prince, is there any news from my parents yet?’ he asked hopefully.

‘I’m afraid not. I believe that the word going around on the BirdNet is that they’re still “cross”‘, said Jeremy. Jeremy felt very sorry for Alfonso. He wouldn’t like to be made to stay inside the palace all the time.

‘Oh, I’d kind of hoped that they’d have started to forgive me by now. After all it’s been three years since I left. Maybe I should send them a message. What do you think Jeremy?’

‘That’s a great idea. We’ll send your message on the BirdNet. The birds all want the King to forgive you. What would you like to say?’

Alfonso the Tortoise by Susan Moffat


‘Just that, I’m sorry that I didn’t stay and do my Royal duties.’  A tear ran down Alfonso’s face. He thought about the King and Queen and his seven brothers and sisters. He really missed them.

‘I know that they didn’t want me to leave,’ Alfonso continued, ‘I just needed to get out of the palace and make some friends. I was very lonely at the palace. My family was always so busy.’

‘Okay,’ said Jeremy, ‘I’ll get that message sent right away. If you need anything else, just ask for me. It has been an honour serving you, Your Highness.’

Jeremy launched into the sky and was soon gone.


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