February 2, 2019

Useless Warrior Princess, fantasy picture storybook by Segilola Salami

book cover fantasy supernatural children's picture book illustrated story book useless warrior princess‘Useless Warrior Princess’ is an illustrated fantasy children’s book written by Segilola Salami, teaching children about courage and sacrifice.

It follows Princess Jade who joined the Warrior Training Academy in the land of dreams, to train to become a warrior to protect the realm of dreamland. However, when she couldn’t cast any spells, everyone called her a ‘Useless Warrior Princess’. Did she accept that she was useless?

Order your copy now to find out how Princess Jade got her name changed from ‘Useless Warrior Princess’ to ‘Master Warrior Princess’ using nothing more than courage and sacrifice.

This illustrated children’s book has been written in such a way that it can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. Adults can read the book for their own enjoyment or as bedtime stories for kids age 3-8 (even younger). Older children (ages 9 – 12) can also read the book by themselves.


Product details

Publisher: Segilola Publishing

Format: Kindle ebook

Publication date: 16th of October 2017

Length: 66 pages

Amazon ASIN: B07634GXXP

ISBN: n/a


Where can I purchase Useless Warrior Princess by Segilola Salami?


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You can purchase a copy of “Useless Warrior Princess” via Segilola Publishing and in different currencies including Nigeria Naira (NGN).

Click here to order your copy of “Useless Warrior Princess” via Amazon.com.

Click here to order your copy of “Useless Warrior Princess” via Amazon.co.uk.

Do note that this book is not yet available for purchase anywhere else yet, hence no ISBN. Click here to check out the list of other bilingual Yoruba English children’s books written by Segilola Salami

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