July 30, 2016

My First Words In Yoruba by Segilola Salami | Educational Children’s book

My First Words In Yoruba by Segilola Salami is a cute little illustrated picture book with a toddler’s first words in both Yoruba and English.

With more than 40 pictures, organised into topics from names of food, names of family members to names of places amongst others, it is sure to grab any toddler’s attention.

When read together with an adult, a toddler would love learning new words in Yoruba.

About the Yoruba language

Yoruba is such a simple but complex language at the same time. The best way to learn to speak it is by listening to how the words are pronounced.

It is for this reason that this book does not come with a pronunciation guide. However, the Yoruba alphabet is included to give you an idea of how to pronounce the letters.

For those who are not conversant with the language, there are some Yoruba words that have the same exact spelling but the strength with which they are pronounced gives the word different meanings.

To get the best out of this book, it is recommended that an adult who speaks Yoruba goes through it with the toddler.

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Editorial Review

Reviewed By Vernita Naylor for Readers’ Favorite

“A multilingual child has a bright future, teach children a new language,” says author Segilola Salami. My First Words In Yoruba by Segilola Salami is a simple yet colorful, easy to read children’s book that focuses on one of the Nigerian spoken language dialects, Yoruba. In a child’s early years, their cognitive skills are being developed. It is during this time that a child can be taught a variety of languages, which can become a valuable component to their growth. My First Words In Yoruba will help the child to translate Yoruba words into English. Even though the Yoruba words are not phonetically broken down, the young reader will be opened up to a whole new world of wonder to explore through language.

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My First Words In Yoruba


My First Words In Yoruba became the bestselling book in it’s category in August 2016 shortly after being published.
Amazon bestseller my first words in Yoruba by Segilola Salami

Product details

Publisher: Segilola Publishing

Publication date: 14th of July 2016

Format: ebook

Length: 51 pages

Amazon ASIN: B01IJ57F5K

ISBN: n/a

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